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The faint blaze of the candle of my life
Slowly dying like a fire in a pouring rain
No sparks of hope inside
No shooting stars on my sky
On broken wings, no flying high

Another night, another demise
Cadaverous wind blowing cold as ice
You’ll let the wind blow out the light
‘Cause it gets more painful everytime I die

Out of strength to fight
I cannot take another night
I cannot take it no more
Lust of light slips through my fingers
Like blood on my arms
Black candle wax has buried me

Another night, another demise
Cadaverous wind blowing cold as ice
You’ll let the wind blow out the light
‘Cause it gets more painful everytime I die

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Among the pantheon of melodic death metal figureheads, Finland’s Children of Bodom stands as a monolith of the genre. Spearheaded by the late virtuoso Alexi Laiho, their song ‘Everytime I Die’ remains a testament to their ability to weave mortality, desolation, and a sense of existential dread into a tapestry of aggressive riffs and emotive melodies.

Delving into the labyrinth of ‘Everytime I Die,’ a narrative of battling with fading vitality and the perennial struggle against an encroaching darkness unfolds. This track from their 2000 album ‘Follow the Reaper’ offers more than just relentless energy; it presents a poignant poetry engraved in the medium of extreme music.

An Introspective Journey into Life’s Candle Dimming

Laiho’s lyrics paint a scene where life’s delicate candle fights against the inevitable onslaught of the rain. The ‘slowly dying’ flame serves as a powerful metaphor for the human experience, with ‘no sparks of hope inside’ to rekindle its vigor. A key feature of the song’s appeal lies in this metaphor’s relatability as listeners find echoes of their personal battles within the lines.

Children of Bodom capitalizes on this melancholy by setting it against a backdrop of heavy, yet melodic instrumentals. The juxtaposition of the symbolic dying light with aggressive guitar work and haunting keyboards serves to heighten the internal turmoil expressed, making the music both a journey and a solace for those who feel the same extinguishing within themselves.

Winds of Demise – The Repeated Ritual of Suffering

The repetition of ‘Another night, another demise’ emphasizes the cyclical nature of despair, with the cadaverous wind playing a character in this chilling nocturne. It’s not merely the wind but the feel of death itself that sweeps through, personifying the relentless and impersonal force that saps the strength of the song’s protagonist.

The narrative suggests a resignation to the extinguishing forces, embodying the relentless fatigue that accompanies a protracted battle with one’s demons. This underlying sense of surrender offers a stark contrast to the typical resilience found in metal’s thematic core, presenting a raw honesty that resonates with those who have teetered on the brink of giving in.

The Hidden Meaning: A Struggle with Chronic Pain or Depression?

Beyond the visceral imagery of a life struggling against the tide is a potentially deeper narrative—a personal battle that could be interpreted as dealing with chronic pain or the suffocating grip of depression. The line ‘it gets more painful every time I die’ could serve as an allegory for the intensifying experiences of either physical agony that flares with each flare-up or the crushing weight of depressive episodes.

The metaphor extends to the physical description of ‘Lust of light slips through my fingers’ suggesting a yearning for relief or happiness that is tantalizingly out of reach. This desperation for light and life amidst the gnawing darkness gives ‘Everytime I Die’ a dimension of emotional truth that could reflect Laiho’s own grappling with the hardships that clouded parts of his life.

Through a Glass Darkly: Catalysts of Catharsis in Laiho’s Lyrics

The obscured lyricism in ‘Everytime I Die’ offers more than mere poetic phrases; it’s a mirror reflecting the fragmented parts of the human psyche. The gothic element of ‘Black candle wax has buried me’ captures the finality of being submerged in one’s own waning light—in this way, the song becomes a catalyst for catharsis, allowing listeners to confront the ‘burial’ of their spirits in the black wax.

Music becomes a therapeutic means of release, and within the aggressive yet articulate medium of Children of Bodom’s orchestration, many find solace and understanding in facing their darker aspects. This acknowledgment of the darkness is not only admirable but crucial for any cathartic process.

Memorable Lines and Melancholy Echos: Verses that Haunt

The potency of ‘Everytime I Die’ is encapsulated in its piercing lines. ‘No shooting stars on my sky’ suggests the loss of chances or the extinguishing of dreams—a sentiment that resonates with the sense of hopelessness pervading the song.

As these raw sentiments weave their way through the listener’s consciousness, they leave behind a memorable echo, an imprint of a struggle that is both deeply personal and universally human. The song may end, but its echo reverberates, challenging us to find our light amidst the storm, to fight for another spark, another night.

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