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Climb upon my faithful steed,
Then we gonna ride,
Gonna smoke some weed.
Climb upon my big-ass steed,
And ride, ride, ride.

What’s the name of the song,
Don’t know what it’s about,
But it’s good to go.
What’s the name of my girlfriend
I don’t know,
But she’s built like the shit
And she’s good to go, go,
She’s good to go,
She’s good to go.

We are fuelled by Satan,
Yes we’re schooled by Satan.
Fueled by Satan!
Writin’ those tasty riffs
Just as fast as we can.
Schooled by Satan!

We were the inventors
Of the cosmic astral code.
We’ve come to blow you away,
We’ve come to blow your nose.
We’ve come to fuckin’ blow,
We’ve come to blow the show.
We’ve come to fuckin’ blow,
You know it, you know it!

What’s the name of the song,
Don’t know what it’s about
But it’s good to riddle-ah!

I am not one of you. I come from an ancient time.
I am known as The Kicker of Elves. I am also known as The Angel Crusher!


Full Lyrics

Tenacious D, the cult-favorite duo known for their raucous blend of comedy and rock, continues to bedazzle fans with their bonkers bravado and over-the-top antics. ‘Explosivo’, a track that encapsulates their knack for fusion of the absurd with the profound, isn’t just an auditory adventure—it’s a trip down the rabbit hole of meaning and mayhem.

Infused with fiery riffs and peppered with satirical lyricism, ‘Explosivo’ might seem like a straightforward rock anthem for the uninitiated. Yet, beneath its surface of bombastic bravado and cheeky charm, this song hides layers of esoteric allusions and a spirit that encapsulates the philosophy of Tenacious D, begging listeners to look closer at what fuels the flames of these comedic rock warriors.

Mounting the Steed of Satire: The Grand Entrance

As the duo beckons us to ‘Climb upon my faithful steed,’ there’s an immediate tone set of epic proportions, calling back to the imagery of valorous knights embarking on quests of great significance. But here, the quest is one of levity and pleasure, signified by the subsequent ‘ride’ in search of cannabis-fueled escapades. This juxtaposition of grandeur and indulgence invites listeners to unapologetically embrace the quest for joy and the carefree pursuit of the high life, literally and figuratively.

The ‘big-ass steed’ is more than just comic relief; it’s symbolic of the absurdly outsized confidence with which Tenacious D approaches both their music and their humor. With a swagger that’s larger than life, the band sets out on a sonic adventure, promising the listener a journey filled with bombast and laughter, powered by an unashamed pursuit of what feels good.

The Catchphrase Conundrum: What’s in a Name?

‘What’s the name of the song, Explosivo!’ Here, the band irreverently addresses the nature of their composition. The eponymous name-drop, aside from acting as a self-referential hook, could be interpreted as a commentary on the disposable nature of song titles and the often arbitrary ways in which content is labeled. They confess to not knowing what it’s about, embracing the idea that the power of music lies in its energy and ability to ‘be good to go,’ ready to rock regardless of meaning.

Tenacious D challenges the listener to rethink what makes a song memorable. Is it the title, the lyrics, or the sheer force of its delivery? ‘Explosivo’ makes a compelling argument for the latter, serving as a reminder that not everything in music needs be steeped in seriousness to captivate audiences—sometimes, the fervor and explosiveness are enough.

The Unseen She-Devil: Diving into the Mystery Girlfriend

Among ‘Explosivo’s many puzzling verses is the mention of a girlfriend, whose name is not recalled, yet whose prominent build is unforgettable. This line carries with it a dual-edged commentary on both the fleeting nature of relationships in the rock and roll lifestyle and the objectification that often permeates the culture. Tenacious D satirically nods to both the hedonism and shallowness that can be found in the scene.

However, with the duo’s known penchant for hyperbole and irony, there’s an undercurrent of critique at play. By specifically stating what isn’t known (the girlfriend’s name) versus what is (her physical allure), there’s an always-present wink towards the band’s understanding of these dynamics, and a prompt to the listener to question the status quo of popular music’s portrayal of women.

Channelling Diabolical Inspiration: Schooled by Satan

The phrase ‘We are fuelled by Satan, Yes we’re schooled by Satan,’ might raise eyebrows, but any fan of Tenacious D knows this to be their parodic play on the longstanding tradition of rock music flirting with demonic imagery. Here, the ‘Devil’s music’ is celebrated not as a genuine pact with the prince of darkness, but as an adopted symbol for the raw, rebellious spirit that rock embodies.

Furthermore, it’s a nod to the mastery of their craft—’Writin’ those tasty riffs just as fast as we can’—exhibiting pride in their work. The band stakes their claim as creators of ‘cosmic astral code,’ positioning themselves as pioneers of a sublime musical experience that is both out-of-this-world and devilishly grounded in earthly delights.

Explosivo: Delivering the Final Blow

‘We’ve come to fuckin’ blow, You know it, you know it!’—with this battle cry, Tenacious D asserts their presence as an explosive force in music. This isn’t a soft serenade or a heartfelt ballad; it’s a declaration of intent, with the purpose of delivering an electrifying experience. The song ‘Explosivo’ seems to self-immolate, celebrating its own volatile essence while promising to upend expectations and obliterate complacency.

The persona of ‘The Kicker of Elves’ and ‘The Angel Crusher’ cements the song’s eclectic character. In his mythology-building, Jack Black—playing one of many exaggerated forms—claims an almost legendary status that transcends reality. It’s the spirit of rock legend, cranked up to a D, that underlines the Tenacious D ethos: excess, excitement, and the extraordinary.

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