Eye Know – Unwrapping the Petals of Hip Hop’s Daisy Age Love Anthem

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  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Navigating the Daisy Age: De La Soul’s Utopian Vision
  5. A Love Letter Written in Grooves: The Intimacy of Lyrics
  6. The Alchemy of Samples: Stevie Wonder’s Magic Touch
  7. The Seduction in Duality: Breaking Down ‘The Magic Number’
  8. Unearthing the Hidden Meanings: Love, Space, and Sound


Greetings, girl, and welcome to my world of phrase
I’m right up to bat
It’s a D.A.I.S.Y. Age and you’re about to walk top-stage
So wipe your Lottos on the mat
Hip-hop love this is and don’t mind when I quiz
Your involvements before the sun
But clear your court ’cause this is a one-man sport
And who’s better for this than Plug One? (Plug One)
Don’t have to worry ’bout me squashin’ other deals
‘Cause they’ve already been squished
Freeze a frame about moods the same which we can continue
Right behind the bush
You’ll stay with me, I know this
But not because of all my Earthly treasures
Or regardless to the fact that I’m Posdnuos
But because

I know I’ll love you better

May I cut this dance to introduce myself
As the chosen one for speak?
Let me lay my hand across yours
And aim a kiss upon your cheek
The name’s Plug Two (is Plug Two)
And from the soul, I bring you
The daisy of your choice
May it be filled with the pleasure principle
In circumference to my voice
About those other Jennys I reckoned with
Lost them all like a homework excuse
This time the magic number is two
‘Cause it takes two, not three, to seduce
My destiny of love is brought to an apex
Sex is a mere molecule
In this world of lust that I have for you
It’s true

I know I’ll love you better

Now it’s time to let this rhyme style
Get somewhat poured in the mold
Hold my hand and we’ll pick my plantation
Of daisies for a bouquet of Soul (Soul)
Life will begin at the cut of a rim
Take it as filled to the rim as in brim
Squeeze your stoop like Betty Boop
Then make Campbell’s Alphabet Soup
And spell Plug One’s within
Forward march is the say
When transistors will play
Come into bed is the move
Dolby sound will be then top crowned
When I put the needle into your groove
I got a good thing and in full swing (full swing)
I show this in gifts, words or letters
But even without those three
I know you’ll be close to me ’cause

I know I’ll love you better

It’s I again and the soul that I send
Is taking steps to reach your heart
Any moment you feel alone
I can fill up your empty part
We can ascend ’til we reach De La Heaven
And in a spin, we’ll hit the top ten
Then we could meet Mr. Stuckie and Pos’
Brother Lucky will preach, let the wedding begin
Shot by an arrow of cupid through the string of a G-clef
My dear, I claim you’re def
And if you can hear me, by golly gee
Trugoy is ready for what you possess
We could live in my Plug Two home
And on Mars where we could be all alone
And we make a song for two
Picture perfect things and I sing of how

I know I’ll love you better

Full Lyrics

In the pantheon of hip-hop love ballads, De La Soul’s ‘Eye Know’ rises as an anthem of endearing courtship and timeless affection. Veering away from the genre’s hard-edged narratives, this track from their seminal album, ‘3 Feet High and Rising’, blooms into a celebration of love’s simplicity and sincerity.

Hip hop, notoriously fierce, is tenderized by the deft hands of De La Soul, who season the genre with a soulful concoction of playful lyricism and sampled harmonies. What ‘Eye Know’ lacks in bravado, it compensates with nuanced emotion, wrapped in the rhythmic cadence of an era poised to redefine the essence of hip-hop itself.

Navigating the Daisy Age: De La Soul’s Utopian Vision

‘Eye Know’ not only serenades a hopeful lover but also immerses listeners in the ‘D.A.I.S.Y. Age’—a phrase coined by the group that stands for ‘Da Inner Sound, Y’all.’ This era posited a shift from aggressive posturing to an inclusive, peace-loving hip-hop culture. The song’s opening lines harmoniously set the scene for a feel-good journey through the meadows of this transformative age.

This wasn’t just a new musical style but a statement. De La Soul, donning the mantle of ‘Plug One’ and ‘Plug Two’, offer a dimensional narrative where love is an effortless sport to be played by soulmates dancing atop vinyl fields. The ‘Welcome’ mat isn’t just at their house; it’s at the dawn of a new musical epoch.

A Love Letter Written in Grooves: The Intimacy of Lyrics

Delicately stringing phrases as if they were pearls on a necklace, ‘Eye Know’ traverses the landscape of romance, avoiding the pitfalls of platitudes. Each verse is a commitment, a pledge that transcends the earthly and approaches the divine. It’s a back-and-forth of courtly love drenched in contemporary beats.

Love, in the realm of ‘Eye Know’, isn’t shown simply through material or the boast of one’s position, but through the promise of a better, deeper understanding. ‘I know I’ll love you better’ is not merely a recurring line but an assurance of growth, an evolution of affection that is raw and earnest.

The Alchemy of Samples: Stevie Wonder’s Magic Touch

Key to the song’s infectious positivity is the melodic foundation, sampling Stevie Wonder’s ‘Fingertips’ and Otis Redding’s ‘Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.’ This musical lineage grants ‘Eye Know’ a touch of magic that connects decades, blending soulful legacies with avant-garde rap.

The whistle from Redding’s tune whisks the listener away to a sunlit quay, while Wonder’s harmonica breathes life into the lyrics, building bridges between hip-hop heads and old-school soul lovers. De La Soul doesn’t just borrow these hooks; they weave them into a tapestry of audible sunshine.

The Seduction in Duality: Breaking Down ‘The Magic Number’

In a cheeky nod to Schoolhouse Rock’s ‘Three Is a Magic Number’, De La Soul redefines mathematics for the lovesick. ‘This time the magic number is two ’cause it takes two, not three, to seduce,’ asserts the group. It’s a lyrical waltz around the importance of partnership, eclipsing the solitary and the crowded, exalting the power of two beings in sync.

The number two carries the weight of companionship, of destiny converging at a point where ‘apex’ meets the ‘molecule’ of sex. Here, love is not in the grand gestures but in shared secrets, quiet laughter, and the profound belief that in love, less is infinitely more.

Unearthing the Hidden Meanings: Love, Space, and Sound

Peel back the playful exterior, and ‘Eye Know’ reveals itself as a vessel for layered meanings. There are the homages to domestic bliss, the fanciful escape to Mars, and the promise of songs written for two. The esoteric nature of these lines gently nudges at a deeper connection, a soul link that extends beyond the physical.

De La Soul crafts their lyrics as a space shuttle designed for two, on a trajectory towards ‘De La Heaven.’ These are more than witty quips; they are explorations of love as a cosmic journey, demanding we listen closely, attentively, as it’s in the quietest whispers that ‘Eye Know’ speaks its universal truths.

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