Eyes Be Closed – A Dive into the Sonic Depths of Consciousness Expansion

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Sonic Waves as a Portal to Inner Realms
  5. Retracing the Echoes of a Short, Sweet Existence
  6. A Voice Amidst the Waves: The Resonance of Solitude
  7. The Quest for Enlightenment: Rising Towards the Light
  8. Unveiling the Hidden Meaning: A Transcendental Experience


Inside your voice resounds,
Your thoughts realign
Your words recall to mind
Your short sweet life

Hear voices all in time
Hear the words calling by
Feel the wave form now, ride the foam,
See the world clearly now

Rising up you float outside yourself
Find the source of light
You fly home, you go closer now
Rising towards the light

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In the enveloping rhythm and soothing pulsations of Washed Out’s ‘Eyes Be Closed,’ there lies an intricate tapestry of the human psyche awaiting dissection. This track, taken from the album ‘Within and Without,’ operates on a frequency that resonates with the very core of existential introspection. It’s a journey not just of sound, but of the soul itself.

What initially might appear as a dreamy lo-fi soundscape morphs into a vessel for profound meditation on the fluidity of consciousness. We delve into these verses, teeming with poetic ambiguity, to unravel the deeper strands woven by this track – signifying a universal narrative far beyond the sum of its words.

Sonic Waves as a Portal to Inner Realms

The core rhythm and soothing melody of ‘Eyes Be Closed’ serve as a gateway, not to a physical destination, but to an inner space, a domain that speaks more of feeling than location. Through the lens of transcendent synth lines and placid beats, we begin to perceive a parallel to the human mind’s labyrinth where echoes become thoughts and harmonies morph into realizations.

The song’s entrance into this unseen domain is a reminder that music serves as an escape, a temporary release from the tangible world. But Washed Out’s approach sails beyond mere escapism, charting courses deep within the psychological undercurrents of sensory experience and awareness.

Retracing the Echoes of a Short, Sweet Existence

The reflective quality of the lyrics – ‘Your short sweet life’ – posits a moment of introspection, an auditory glance over the shoulder at the brevity of our existence. This is perhaps a commentary on life’s fleeting nature, a pondering over the echo of moments that shape the melody of our personal history.

This poignant acknowledgment of life’s transience is contrasted with the song’s lush expansiveness, creating a dichotomy that provokes listeners to consider the weight of their words and memories, or the ripples they send through the menacingly infinite pond of time.

A Voice Amidst the Waves: The Resonance of Solitude

Through ‘Hear voices all in time, Hear the words calling by,’ Washed Out intimates the isolation inherent in seeking understanding. It’s a solitary voice that emerges midst the all-consuming waves of sound, a solo conversation amidst the clamour of existence.

As waves form and recede, the solitary figure – the listener or perhaps the narrator – is prompted to ride the foam, to acknowledge the ephemeral while simultaneously becoming one with the crashing waves of reality. This is the song’s ode to the hermitage within the collective consciousness.

The Quest for Enlightenment: Rising Towards the Light

The ascent towards an ethereal luminescence – ‘Rising up you float outside yourself, Find the source of light’ – signifies the perennial human quest for enlightenment. In its literal and metaphoric sense, this light beckons as a culmination of clarity, understanding, and ultimately, a homecoming to one’s essence.

It’s a journey akin to the flight of Icarus, but devoid of hubris, aiming instead for a balance between earthly form and the unfettered spirit. The song becomes an anthem for this metaphysical voyage, each repetition of the verse a step closer to the light.

Unveiling the Hidden Meaning: A Transcendental Experience

Beneath the hypnotic weave of the track lies an inscrutable dimension ripe with hidden meaning. ‘Eyes Be Closed’ is not just about the act of closing one’s eyes to the physical world, but about opening the mind’s eye to a more profound plane of enlightenment.

This track transcends the auditory to address the cosmic. Each lyric is a breadcrumb on the trail to an alternate view of reality where senses merge, time dilates, and the soul’s voyage towards self-discovery and self-release emerges as the ultimate odyssey.

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