Flyway – Unraveling the Metaphorical Flight of Existence

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Article Contents:
  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. The Sonic Landscape of Escape and Return
  5. Nesting in Nostalgia: The Cycle of Life and Death
  6. The Hidden Meanings of Migration
  7. The Quest for Courage and Companionship
  8. Echoing Through Eternity: The Most Memorable Lines


A flock across my window
Gone when I look around
Until the sun gets longer
They’re getting out of town
Where on earth in the world
Do they go?
Do their feathers freeze stiff
In the snow?
How should I know?

But I can bet you they’ll come
Back to the same old tree
Since I was crawling they’ve been
Watching over me
In the gardens
That ripple in the water
Climbing higher up
Where nobody sees
Look at the sky and spot the green

And I heard that they weren’t
Meant to stay
Anywhere the air chokes
Or they get
On the flyway

So ride the rising currents
I trust that I will see you again
When I pick up the courage
I hope that I can join you someday

Full Lyrics

Kero Kero Bonito’s ‘Flyway’ isn’t just a song—it’s a lyrical journey that plays out against the expansive backdrop of life’s voyages. A track that seemingly starts as an ode to the migratory patterns of birds unexpectedly unfolds into a rich tapestry of human experience, emotions, and existential wonder.

Through the whimsical yet thought-provoking lyricism, ‘Flyway’ taps into the universal longing for exploration and the cyclical nature of life, using avian imagery as a surprising conduit for deeper introspection.

The Sonic Landscape of Escape and Return

In ‘Flyway,’ Kero Kero Bonito constructs a sound that is both ephemeral and grounded, embodying the dichotomy of birds taking flight and yet inevitably returning. It’s a gentle reminder of life’s impermanent nature, where every departure promises a return to familiarity.

The melody seems to take flight, soaring and dipping in a dynamic reflection of the migratory theme. The subtle but persistent beat is the heartbeat of the journey, propelling us forward on an audio adventure that speaks to the nomad in all of us.

Nesting in Nostalgia: The Cycle of Life and Death

The lyrics ‘Since I was crawling they’ve been watching over me’ resonate with a profound nostalgia for simpler times. In these words lies the unchanging essence of existence, where despite our many flights and pursuits, the constants in our life provide a grounding point—a home to return to, much like migratory birds.

This cycle—of life, death, and rebirth—is mirrored in the avian metaphor, encapsulating our own pilgrimage through life’s stages, and the reassurance of legacy, and the idea that some elements of our lives remain beautifully untouched by the ravages of time.

The Hidden Meanings of Migration

‘Flyway’ touches on the hidden truth that migration is a figurative concept as well; it’s a transcendent look at our own personal evolutions. Questions about the birds’ destination and survival in adverse conditions mirror our uncertainties about our paths and the resilience required to traverse them.

The birds’ flight pattern is a metaphor for our own quests for meaning, for inhabitable space—not just physical, but emotional and spiritual as well. The mystique of the unknown locations the birds visit on their journey is a parallel to the human experience of exploring uncharted territories of the self.

The Quest for Courage and Companionship

There’s a wistful undertone to the song, especially in the lines ‘I hope that I can join you someday.’ The innate desire for companionship on life’s journey is palpable here, as is the yearning for the courage to embark on new adventures.

‘Flyway’ suggests that within us, there’s an aspiration to rise above our fears, to join those who’ve moved on to greater heights, whether that’s loved ones who’ve passed or parts of ourselves we’ve left behind. It’s a heartening reminder to embrace the ascendance into new realms of existence.

Echoing Through Eternity: The Most Memorable Lines

‘Look at the sky and spot the green’—this line stands out not only for its vivid imagery but for its symbolism. It encapsulates the entire ethos of the song: it’s an invitation to seek out the rarity in the everyday, to find hope in the expanses of life, even when it seems obscured.

Green, the color of life, renewal, and nature, becomes a beacon in the sky, where all our collective migrations find purpose and direction. In this lyric lies an anthem for the dreamers, the seekers, and all who aspire to soar beyond the confines of the known.

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