“Ghost Voices” by Virtual Self

The logical presumption would be that we should not attempt to make too much sense out of the lyrics of “Ghost Voices”. The wording is repetitive, at some points unintelligible and presented in a way that suggests they aren’t what this piece is really about. Instead, this is sort of your quintessential EDM number, where the auditory emphasis is rather on the instrumental.

Lyrics to Virtual Self's "Ghost Voices"

When was “Ghost Voices” released?

This came out on 8th November, 2017. It was the 2nd single released from Virtual Self’s debut self-titled EP.

Writing and Production

Porter Robinson (aka Virtual Self) wrote and produced “Ghost Voices”.

What Genre(s) is “Ghost Voices”?

This is a neotrance song.


“Ghost Voices” was nominated for the award, “Best Dance/Electronic Recording” at the Grammys in 2019. The list of nominees for that award included the following songs:

Chart Performance

  • UK (79)
Ghost Voices

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