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I did my hair in the mirror
I’m going to be someone new

I found the end
Of the night in your room

Light, I feel it shining bright
I am all alone
And I don’t know where you could have gone

I did not think that you would go

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Starry Cat’s ‘Happiness’ is a song that encapsulates much more than its title seems to offer. On the surface, the track appears to be an ephemeral moment of introspection, yet beneath its delicate exterior lies a complex exploration of transformation, loss, and the elusive search for happiness.

Coupling gentle melodies with pensive lyrics, the artist invites us to peer through the looking glass of a soul in transition. Starry Cat’s approach to ‘Happiness’ weaves a sonic quilt that is as comforting as it is haunting. This lyrical breakdown peels back the layers of a tune that could easily be mistaken for a simple bedroom pop production.

A Symbolic Shearing: The Internal Makeover

In the opening line, ‘I did my hair in the mirror,’ the listener is introduced to an act of transformation—an attempt to craft a new identity through physical change. This is not merely a superficial alteration; it signals a profound desire to break from the past, perhaps from a version of oneself that no longer resonates or one that is associated with pain and stagnation.

The line ‘I’m going to be someone new’ further underscores this quest for change. Here, Starry Cat is not simply altering an external characteristic but announcing an internal metamorphosis. It’s a declaration of intent, one that says goodbye to the old self and tentatively welcomes an uncertain future.

The Twilight Confession: ‘I found the end of the night in your room’

The verse ‘I found the end of the night in your room’ propels us into the realm of relationships and intimacy. The phrase suggests a moment of revelation or climax, a realization perhaps discovered in the presence of someone else. It signifies a turning point, emotionally or physically, experienced within the space that belongs to ‘you’—a personal territory that one is granted access to, imbued with trust and vulnerability.

There’s an inherent loneliness implied, as this enlightenment comes at the night’s end—a time typically associated with darkness and quiet. It evokes feelings of solitude and reflection, implying that the insight gained is bittersweet.

Solo in the Spotlight: ‘Light, I feel it shining bright’

Contrast becomes a poignant device in ‘Light, I feel it shining bright.’ The usage of ‘light’ amidst the surrounding context of ending and darkness signifies a sliver of hope or awareness. The light could symbolize self-realization, an inner glow amidst the isolation, or could even be interpreted as a metaphor for the other person who was once a beacon in the artist’s life.

Yet, the following line ‘I am all alone’ quickly disrupts the ephemeral comfort of the light. The stark admission brings us back to the solitary journey of the individual, highlighting the essence of the human condition—the irrevocable dance with solitude.

The Vanishing Act: ‘And I don’t know where you could have gone’

Starry Cat is reaching into the universal experience of loss with this contemplative line. It beautifully encapsulates the confusion, pain, and sense of abandonment that accompanies the departure of someone significant. The vagueness of ‘where you could have gone’ allows the line to resonate with anyone who has faced the inexplicable absence of another, leaving the listeners to fill in the blanks with their memories.

The disorientation and yearning in this mysterious disappearance are palpable. It’s an open-ended lament that seems to grapple with the finality of this separation while still holding onto a thread of hope for an explanation or resolution.

The Lurking Truth: Unearthing the Hidden Meaning of ‘Happiness’

As Starry Cat leads us through a lyrical labyrinth, one begins to recognize the song’s title, ‘Happiness,’ as a sort of mirage. The track journeys not towards jubilation but rather outlines the often-misunderstood pathway to it—which sometimes necessitates traversing through pain, self-discovery, and emotional rebirth.

Through a cascade of lyrical introspection and the raw vulnerability depicted in the song, Starry Cat underscores a potent and perhaps uncomfortable truth: happiness is neither constant nor easily attainable. Instead, it may come in fleeting glimmers—sometimes the byproduct of a journey through the heart’s darker chambers.

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