Heirloom by Björk Lyrics Meaning – Exploring the Luminous Depths of Dreams and Healing

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I have a recurrent dream
Every time I lose my voice
I swallow little glowing lights
My mother and son baked for me

During the night
They do a trapeze walk
Until they’re in the sky
Right above my bed

While I’m asleep
My mother and son pour into me
Warm glowing oil
Into my wide open throat

I have a recurrent dream
Every time I feel a hoarseness
I swallow warm glowing lights
My mother and son baked for me

They make me feel so much better
They make me feel better

We have a recurrent dream
Every time we lose our voices
We dream we swallow little lights
Our mother and sons bake for us

During the night
They do a little trapeze walk
Until they’re in the sky
(Right above our heads)
Right above our heads

While we’re asleep
My mother and son pour into us
Warm glowing oil
Into our wide open throats

I have a recurrent dream

They make me feel better
They make me feel better

Full Lyrics

Björk, the Icelandic siren with a penchant for emotional odysseys, often leaves audiences spellbound with her ethereal music and oblique lyricism. ‘Heirloom’ is a track that continues this tradition, a dreamscape set to melody, rife with visceral imageries and a sense of transcendence.

As with much of Björk’s oeuvre, ‘Heirloom’ defies straightforward interpretation, inviting listeners to embark on a journey both deeply personal and resonantly universal. Betwixt the lines of this dreamy number lie reflections on legacy, healing, and the nurturing bond of family.

Unearthing Ancestral Bonds

At the heart of ‘Heirloom’ is a potent symbolism connecting generations. The ‘mother and son’ Björk refers to conjure a lineage of care, a recipe of light that transcends time and speaks to an inheritance more profound than material wealth.

This recurring dream, with its familial cameos, blurs the lines between consciousness and unconsciousness, illustrating that the nurturing guidance of our predecessors is sewn into the very fabric of our being, accessible in times of need.

The Alchemy of Hoarseness and Light

Voicelessness in ‘Heirloom’ signifies more than a mere inability to speak; it’s an embodiment of vulnerability and a cry for comfort. The glowing lights are not just a remedy but a form of alchemical magic, a restorative force conjured and consumed.

By internalizing these lights, the protagonist of the song experiences a metamorphosis, a blossoming into brightness that chases away the shadows of ailment, be they physical, emotional or spiritual.

Trapeze Artists in the Night Sky

The celestial acrobatics described in the song paint a mesmerizing picture, both surreal and serene. There’s an element of balance and grace to the ‘trapeze walk,’ a metaphor perhaps for the delicate dance of life and the constant motion of heavenly bodies that watch over us as we navigate our own tightropes.

In the haziness between slumber and sentience, these figures in the sky perform their nocturnal rituals, bridging the cosmic and the corporeal in an overhead spectacle of comfort and guardianship.

Decoding the ‘Warm Glowing Oil’

This mysterious substance channels the warmth of familial love, a nurturing essence poured into the ‘wide open throats’ of dreamers. It symbolizes a transference of vitality, a liquid life force that rejuvenates and protects.

It’s as if the dreamers are being anointed, prepared for a spiritual journey or a rite of passage that can only be undertaken in the subconscious realm, lubricated by the essence of generations past.

The Haunting Refrain of Renewal

The line ‘They make me feel better’ resonates as a mantra of recovery and reassurance. It’s a simple yet powerful acknowledgment of the role that ancestral nurturing plays in the process of healing and growth.

Echoing through the song like a whispered lullaby, this phrase encapsulates the transformation through which a dream’s comforting embrace becomes a waking fortitude, a testament to the timelessness and potency of family ties in whatever form they might take.

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