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Take me home

Just do it right
Make it perfect and real
Because it’s everything
Though everything, was never the deal

So grab your things and stumble into the night
So we can shut the door
And shut the door on terrible times


Yeah, do it right
And head again into space
So you can carry on
And carry on, and fall all over the place

This is the trick, forget a terrible year
That we can break the laws
Until it gets weird

And this is what you waited for
But under lights, we’re all unsure
So tell me
What would make you feel better?

As night has such a local ring
And love and rock are fickle things
And you know it
Yeah, you know it
Yeah, you know

Ahh, ah
Ahh, ah


Forget your past
This is your last chance now
And we can break the rules
Like nothing will last

You might forget
Forget the sound of a voice
Still, you should not forget
Yeah, don’t forget
The things that we laughed about

And after rolling on the floor
And thankfully, a few make sure that you get home
And you stay home
And you better

‘Cause you’re afraid of what you need
Yeah, you’re afraid of what you need
If you weren’t, if you weren’t
I don’t know what we’d talk about

Ahh, ah
Ahh, ah

Ahh, ah
Ahh, ah

Yeah, no one ever knows what you’re talking about
So I guess you’re already there
No one opens up when you scream and shout
But it’s time to make a couple things clear

If you’re afraid of what you need
If you’re afraid of what you need
Look around you, you’re surrounded
It won’t get any better

And so, goodnight

Full Lyrics

Within the pantheon of LCD Soundsystem’s discography, ‘Home’ occupies a special place, closing out their critically acclaimed album ‘This is Happening.’ More than just a final track, ‘Home’ encapsulates the essence of human introspection and the pursuit of solace amidst chaos. Fusing a distinctive disco-punk sound with reflective lyricism, James Murphy, the mastermind behind LCD Soundsystem, crafts a narrative that resonates with anyone who’s ever sought meaning in the cyclical patterns of life.

Diving deeper into the song’s substance, there seems to be a dialogue between existential despair and the fight towards a semblance of comfort and familiarity. It’s a crescendo of self-awareness and a raw examination of the internal battlefields one must navigate. The poignancy of ‘Home’ extends far beyond its danceable track—it’s a poetic dissection of the modern psyche, where each line peels back another layer of our collective yearning for connection and understanding.

Dance-Punk Diary: A Sonic Journey Towards Self-Discovery

The groove of ‘Home’ is unmistakable—emblematic of LCD Soundsystem’s ability to turn personal turmoil into dancefloor anthems. Yet, what sets this track apart is its reflective nature, weaving through beats the narrative of introspection. Here is a song that invites you to lose yourself to rhythm while simultaneously finding yourself in the lyrics.

It’s in this paradox that the genius of ‘Home’ lies. Murphy orchestrates a dance-punk diary entry calling on listeners to both forget and remember, to erase the pain of the past and yet cling to the joyful memories amidst it all. The juxtaposition of celebration and contemplation in ‘Home’ mirrors the duality of life’s experiences, making the track an honest companion to anyone’s internal monologue.

The Alchemy of Nostalgia: Crafting Comfort from the Abstract

James Murphy has always had a penchant for turning the mundane into magic, and ‘Home’ is no exception. It’s a cocktail of nostalgia, served on an infectious beat, and garnished with the bittersweetness of time’s relentless march. Through ‘Home,’ listeners are transported to a place that is both a physical location and a state of mind, bridging gaps between memories and the present moment.

The alchemy here is in the transformation of abstract thoughts into something concrete—something that feels, for lack of a better word, like home. ‘Home’ isn’t just a location; it’s the familiar in a sea of the unknown, the warm light spilling from an open door in the depths of night. Murphy’s craft lies in his ability to conjure these images, making ‘Home’ more than a song, but an auditory vessel for transporting the displaced back to a sense of belonging.

Unlocking ‘Home’s’ Hidden Meaning: A Subconscious Odyssey

While ‘Home’ grooves on the surface, beneath lies an undercurrent of a more profound journey—a subconscious odyssey. Lyrics like ‘This is the trick, forget a terrible year’ suggest a coping mechanism of selective memory, a conscious decision to shed the weight of troubling times in favor of a narrative that serves one’s well-being. It’s a psychological voyage that’s relatable and necessary in the face of an often harsh reality.

In this perspective, ‘Home’ serves as a mantra for the weary, a coded message that survival sometimes means rewriting your story, not with falsehoods, but with a curated recollection of events that emphasize resilience over despair. Here lies ‘Home’s’ hidden power: in encouraging the listener to redefine their understanding of personal history, Murphy inadvertently offers a blueprint for emotional survival in the modern world.

Euphonic Echoes: Memorable Lines that Resonate

‘Forget your past / This is your last chance now’ rings out as an anthem for renewal, a call to arms that dances on the tongue long after the song ends. Each time these words reverberate through ‘Home,’ they reinforce the theme of rebirth, echoing the human desire to shed old skin and emerge new, if only for a moment on the dance floor.

These memorable lines act as a rallying cry and a reminder that sometimes, liberation from our histories’ hold is not only necessary but possible. They are the harmonious howl against the silence of stagnation, a melodious reminder that we are not destined to be prisoners of our yesterdays, but rather architects of our tomorrows.

The Finale of ‘Home’: A Lullaby For The Lost

As ‘Home’ draws to a close, it’s as though the night itself is winding down, and yet the heart swells with a strange combination of sadness and hope. ‘And so, goodnight,’ not so much a farewell as a whisper to those still seeking, that the search for meaning and comfort continues—even after the music fades.

This lullaby for the lost is what makes ‘Home’ resonate with such a complex spectrum of emotions. It does not pretend to offer solutions but rather acknowledges the intrinsic human conflict and, in doing so, provides a subtle form of solace. The track ends, but the journey it ignites does not—each listen is a promise that as long as we seek, there is always a way back ‘Home.’

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