Hustle Bones – The Revolutionary Anthology

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Article Contents:
  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Unlocking The Raw Power of Hustle Bones
  5. Decoding The Molotov Lyrics
  6. The Essence of True Hustle
  7. Beyond Conventional Interpretations: The Song’s Hidden Meaning
  8. Memorable Lines Etched in the Stone of Rebellion


Give a fuck what Explainchya heard
Yeah fuck whatchya heard
Fore this real shit kicked your whole click to the curb
What, what
But you dont hear me though

Run up bitch ta da death get gripped my steeze is ballin’ out
Of control whatch you know
‘Bout bubblin’
Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth

(Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth)

That hot lic a shot
Never not strapped
Wit a Glock tongue cocked
Run it back
That knock a cop off unconscious molotov
Cocktailin’ sound bomb a snitch
Flat line of chalk drawn round the clock too many marks dropped ta count the stiffs

Stuck on the fence
How does it feel
It don’t make sense
Nothing is

That rip you a new one trick I’m the true one,
And only never know me never will no son.. leave ya laid out ta fade out
Show a cunt the door
Hit and run
Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth

(Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth)

That can’t wait ta blast
Blood stained knuckle brass gives a fuck sick wit it flav on
That ex con
Hard to da bone
Darkness from the zone
Mastered and pushed far beyond

Eons beyond the line never crossed, by dem punks livin’ soft while I ride that bomb
Dr. Strangelove
Into the sun
Look no hands megatons
Rode like man we can’t lose
No shit, no shit

That hit it till it drip wit
Da blood of the raw way
It was fore dem forgot
Why doin dirt, make slang sound tough gong original
Fuck da wrong way
Only one real way to work
That shit out da
Beat street spit
Über freaked heat lit
Hell flame to your brain
Blood thirst
What what
Run it back, run it

Run up bitch ta da death
Get gripped
My steeze is ballin’ out
Of control whatch you know
‘Bout bubblin’
Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth

(Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth)

Criminal intent anti-legal ill
Thief in da night peel your life back spin the wheel
Run it back, run it

Full Lyrics

The avant-garde experimental rap outfit Death Grips has never shied away from confronting the norms, ripping through the fabric of mainstream rap with a fusion of industrial noise and lyrical chaos. Their track ‘Hustle Bones’ off the album ‘The Money Store’ is no exception, teetering on the edges of both musical innovation and lyrical aggression.

At a superficial glance, ‘Hustle Bones’ might come off as a sonic assault that flirts with the themes of violence and rebellion. But delve deeper into the syntax of Stefan Burnett’s (aka MC Ride) delivery, and you unearth a manifesto of resistance, a declaration of power from the shadows of societal confines.

Unlocking The Raw Power of Hustle Bones

The title itself, ‘Hustle Bones’, suggests a skeletal structure crafted by sheer determination and grind. It’s a phrase that encapsulates the essence of the hustle—it’s in the bones, the marrow, and every fiber of being for those who truly understand the struggle. Gripping the spirit of hustle and spitting it forth, Burnett paints a portrait of life at its most primal—fight or flight, survive or die.

Each verse pulses with an intensity that feels like a survivalist’s credo, a roadmap for navigating the dark alleys of urban dystopia. There’s a universality in this rawness, a connection to anyone who has ever felt the system breathing down their neck, to anyone who has pushed back, strived, and hustled against the grain.

Decoding The Molotov Lyrics

‘Hustle Bones’ lyricism is a cocktail of imagery both visceral and violent, a stark reflection of conflict and chaos. When Burnett describes being eternally ready (‘never not strapped’), he is paralleling the constant state of preparedness one must maintain in the face of adversity. The ‘Glock tongue cocked’ is a metaphor for the power of speech, the weaponization of words in a battle against suppression.

This battle becomes quite literal with mentions of ‘knock a cop off unconscious molotov,’ suggesting a disruption so forceful it could upturn order, symbolized by authority figures. The allusion to an ‘unconscious molotov’ implies a dormant, potential violence, awaiting a spark—be it actual or metaphorical—to ignite the rebellion.

The Essence of True Hustle

The repetitive line ‘Hustle bones comin’ out my mouth’ serves as the song’s fulcrum. It’s as if hustling has become so integral to one’s being that it literally spills out, a foundational truth that cannot be contained. In a socio-economic context where opportunity is often cloaked in systemic barriers, this line is an anthem for those who make a way out of no way.

Hustling, in this sense, is alchemic—it’s turning lead into gold, it’s survivalism in a world that takes no prisoners. It’s the intrinsic value that comes from understanding that the only way to beat a rigged game is to redefine the rules and play with a frenzied, yet calculated, ferocity.

Beyond Conventional Interpretations: The Song’s Hidden Meaning

While many may interpret the song as just another track packed with braggadocio and menace, ‘Hustle Bones’ also presents an allegory of artistic defiance. Death Grips, as an entity, operates on the fringes of the music industry; their hustle is about carving out a niche where none existed before, it’s about redefining success to fit the mold of their unique vision rather than a pre-determined industry standard.

The layers of meaning unfold as you consider their use of multimedia, their interaction with fans, and their unceremonious release of music, often to the chagrin of their record label. Each action is a bone thrown from the mouth of innovation, a hustle in its purest form.

Memorable Lines Etched in the Stone of Rebellion

Key lines such as ‘Run up bitch to da death get gripped my steeze is ballin’ out of control’ encapsulate the essence of defiance that runs through ‘Hustle Bones.’ MC Ride’s delivery is a testament to an uncontrollable force—a hustle that refuses to be reined in, a spirit of rebellion that’s infectious.

And, ‘Blood thirst what what, run it back, run it’ can be read as a call to arms, a call to keep pressing forward despite the odds, to run it back and never relent. It’s a phrase that captures the grit and determination needed to rise above societal shackles, a battle cry for the creative soul to keep hustling against the resistance of life.

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