“If We Ever Broke Up” by Mae Stephens

“If We Ever Broke Up” is an unconventional song of troubled romance in that even though Mae Stephens goes about dropping numerous allusions to her boyfriend’s toxicity, she never goes as far as to express an outright desire to leave him. 

Rather, the conclusive message is along the lines of the ball being in his court. In other words, less-than-ideal as the addressee may be, Mae is granting him the opportunity, and furthermore we may even say is hoping that he wises up.

But concerning the title, she is also letting it be known, despite whatever loving feelings she may have or had for him, that it isn’t a situation in which if he bounced she would be in her feelings. Rather, her plan is that if he does decide to dump her, she’ll then ‘call his dad’ and make him privy to just how much of an A-hole his son actually is.

So all of the above considered, tying down a thesis sentiment to this song is relatively difficult. But we can conclude by saying that the vocalist has sorta come to accept her sweetheart for the unfavorable, drama-laden character that he is. And he’s either going to use her love as a foundation to make a better person of himself or, as appears more likely, take it for granted to the point of ultimately losing a tolerant girlfriend.

Lyrics to Mae Stephens' "If We Ever Broke Up"

Who is Mae Stephens?

As of the dropping of “If We Ever Broke Up” in early January of 2023, Mae Stephens is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter. She currently has a notable social media following but apparently no formal industry presence. For instance, as of this writing she has over 80,000 followers on Instagram. However, she has yet to be granted a Wikipedia page. 

Moreover, her discography only consists of a couple other official tracks, including “White Lies” and “Infamous Kiss”.

“If We Ever Broke Up”

That said, “If We Ever Broke UP”, which thus far has only been out a few days at most, has already attracted exponentially more views than Mae’s previous track. So by the looks of things this may be akin to her breakthrough song. 

This is a self-penned song. It was written entirely by Mae (who is a songwriter). According to Mae, she specializes in writing sad songs.

If We Ever Broke Up

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