“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” is fundamentally based on the philosophy of making the most of the moment. Mraz penned the tune when he was in a really-good mood. And throughout, he is addressing his romantic interest. And as can be ascertained from the onset, he is ready to give himself fully to this individual. But overall what Jason is really submitting to, once again, is the idea of embracing the moment. And in that regard, the addressee is someone whom he feels needs to partake of this experience with him.

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First Verse

So in the first verse, Mraz is indeed speaking to how she has impacted his life. Or more to the point, it reads as if he is saying that due to being smitten by this individual, he is now ready to wholeheartedly devote himself to her, specifically their romance.

Second Verse

However, this temperament is also influenced by his overall joyful disposition. As such in the second verse he is also asking the addressee to adopt a similar mindset. Basically, he or she would “open up” and embrace the joy of life as opposed to perhaps being somehow depressed or reclusive.

Third Verse

He buttresses this idea in the third verse by referencing his own transformation into a freer being.  And in that regards, what he is fundamentally saying is that individuals (i.e. the addressee) have to make a conscientious effort to achieve such results. But ultimately achieving this goal, obviously, is self-gratifying.

Fourth Verse

And finally in the fourth verse, he gives tips on how to realize this state. For instance, he asserts that she must ‘open up her plans’, as in not be so rigid concerning the envisaged direction of her life. Moreover he states “there’s no need to complicate” things. Or put differently, this isn’t an exercise which requires significant mental energy. Rather it is based on the participant coming to the realization that “our time is short”. And the logical implication within the context of the song is that due to such, this limited opportunity should not be vested in worrying or reservedness.

Ultimate Meaning of “I’m Yours”

And this is all ultimately meant to encourage the addressee to not only free herself in general but also in regards to openly receiving the love of the singer. Indeed you can say that considering how vested he is in her (as illustrated by the title), he doesn’t feel that their relationship will actually work unless she also loves him just as freely. But on a macrocosmic level, there is also a philosophy operating therein where Mraz not only espouses the idea of living more ‘generously’ but is also giving pointers on how to achieve this result. 

Lyrics of “I’m Yours”

Jason Mraz wrote “I’m Yours” in a matter of Minutes!

When Jason Mraz wrote “I’m Yours’, he did not expect it to be extremely successful and a record-breaking hit. The singer song-writer speaking to Billboard admitted that it took him less than 20 minutes to write the song and though he knew it was a great track for his 2008 album “We sing. We dance. We Steal Things.” he was literally humbled as the song kept moving through the charts and eventually became his biggest hit globally to this day.

He explained that the melody came to him naturally in his San Diego room 5 years before its release, after which he played it on the road for some time before he finally recorded it. Jason said the song was mainly about giving oneself out of love to someone or something, and could either be a love tune or a simple self-empowering song.

Release Date of “I’m Yours”

A demo version of the song was released in 2005 from his EP titled Extra Credit, and became a favorite for many people after his 2004 and 2005 gig performances before it was officially released.

Following its release on February 12, 2008, the song was a massive hit, breaking the 11-year record for longevity by spending 76 weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. In doing so, it replaced LeAnn Rimes’ “How do I Live”.

Accolades and Achievements

The song recorded 12.2 million downloads worldwide, and a sale of over 6 million downloads in the US making it the 10th best-selling digital track in the country as at January 2013.

It was nominated for Song of the year and best male pop vocal performance at the 51st Grammy Awards.

The song was not only a success in the US but in several other countries including New Zealand where it topped the charts. Other countries where the song was among the top ten on the charts are Norway, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Austria, Canada, Spain, Switzerland.

Popular Usage

“I’m Yours” has been featured on the TV series “Privileged” and was the inspiration behind “Mera Mann Kehne Laga”, a song from the Bollywood movie Nautanki Saala. Jason has also sung a version on Sesame Street and has featured Jah Cure and Lil Wayne on a remix of the song.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like to take the song “I’m Yours” in a more cosmic context; God/the Universe is singing this song to us and ideally we are singing it back to God. You can try this w any love song. It’s an interesting experiment.

    • Anonymous says:

      really, though?…pretty sure it’s a love song…a basic, slightly weird love song with a catchy tune……and a fedora …minus the cosmos…YHWH…is the creator of everything….the universe….that’s amazing…but it is also a created thing….not a God………if it does talk, it talks to YHWH….search it out! Genisis 1

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