Meaning of “Colapso” by Kevin Kaarl

“Colapso” by Kevin Kaarl appears to delve into the emotional turbulence and anguish that comes with the dissolution or strain of a romantic relationship. From the provided lyrics, the song portrays a narrator who is grappling with feelings of loss, despair, and confusion.

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The repeated pleas to a divine presence, “Dios dame fuerza” (God give me strength), suggest a seeking of external strength to endure the pain he’s experiencing. The questioning of the relationship’s authenticity (“De si algún día ella me amó” – “If she ever loved me”) reflects a profound internal tumult and doubt.

However, there is an element of self-assurance or external advice present, offering a reassurance that there was love (“Claro que ella te amó” – “Of course she loved you”) and attributing the situation to a temporary collapse or “colapso.”

Despite the reassurance, the singer remains in a stationary emotional state, unable to detach from his feelings and continuously offering himself to the person who seems to have moved on.

The song beautifully intertwines feelings of desolation with a thread of love and lingering hope, presenting a vivid emotional landscape that many can relate to, especially those who have experienced heartbreak.

All in all, “Colapso” delves into the emotional turmoil and desire following a breakup, searching for fortitude and comprehension amid persistent love and optimism.

When did Kevin Kaarl release “Colapso”?

Kaarl officially released this song on 10th January, 2019. It is the 8th track on his “Hasta el Fin Del Mundo” album.

Who is Kevin Kaarl?

Kevin Kaarl is a Mexican singer and songwriter. Kevin gained popularity through social media platforms, notably TikTok. He’s known for his heartfelt lyrics and emotive voice. His songs often explore themes of love, heartbreak, and emotional struggles in his music.

He connects with listeners through his authentic and vulnerable musical expressions. His music tends to blend various elements of pop, creating melodies that are both catchy and deeply emotional.

In addition to “Colapso”, here are a few of Kevin Kaarl’s popular songs:

  • “Me Haces Falta”
  • “¿Y Ahora Qué?”
  • “Quizás No Es Suficiente”
  • “Cada Vez Que Llueve”

Did Kevin Kaarl write “Colapso”?

Yes, Kevin did. He is actually the song’s sole writer.

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