Meaning of Flo Milli’s Never Lose Me

Flo Milli is from Mobile, one of the most popular cities in Alabama. As a signee of RCA Records, she has thus far released one studio album, You Still Here, Ho?, which came out in 2022. So as of this writing Milli is in the process of assembling her sophomore full-length, Fine Ho, Stay, which, according to Genius, is set to come out in 2024. Never Lose Me, which itself came out on 1 December 2023, will be featured on that project.

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Facts about this Track

Concurrent with the release of Never Lose Me was also the issuance of its remix, which features ATL rapper Lil Yachty.

Flo Milli wrote this song with Gerald Henry, Hitoshi Kirigaya, Dougie F, 42 Dugg and Babyface Ray. The latter two are the authors/performers of a track dropped earlier in 2023 called Ron Artest which is sampled onto Never Lose Me. And such the producer of that track, Gerreaux, is likewise credited so on Flo Milli’s song.

Analyzing this Song’s Lyrics

To some degree, Never Lose Me reads like your run-of-the-mill, romance-based, female-rendered rap song. For example, the vocalist alludes to she and her sweetheart enjoying a monetarily-rich, luxurious relationship. There are also the graphic and even potentially-off-putting references to sexual activity. And then there’s Flo touting herself as a catch, on top of describing what type of men she likes, i.e. a ‘bougie’ or high-class “nigga” who at the same time one with street sensibilities, such as having it in mind to carry a gat.

But there’s more to this song, at least as far as the hook is concerned. Therein, it is sorta implied or can be imaged that maybe Milli’s boo is thinking of leaving, but she’s trying to convince him to stay. Or more specifically, she’s touting herself as an exceptional “b*tch”, one whom the guy who is fortunate enough to be the recipient of her love and loyalty would not, in his right mind, want to part ways with, thus the title of the song.

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