“Miami Memory” by Alex Cameron

In “Miami Memory”, singer Alex Cameron reminisces about his intimate moments with his lover. The events appear to have taken place during a beach vacation of some sort.

The writer is so deeply engrossed in the affair that he doesn’t seem to care where they are. All he cares about is enjoying their love at that moment. Cameron has mentioned in a press release that the song was a gift for his girlfriend Jemima Kirke. He also dedicated the song to artist Greer Lankton and partner Paul Monroe.

Lyrics of "Miami Memory"

Who wrote “Miami Memory”?

Alex Cameron composed this love song all by himself. He actually wrote this song for his significant other named Jemima Kirke.

When was this track released?

This was the first song Cameron released from his 2019 album of the same title. The official release date of “Miami Memory” was May 7, 2019.

Who is Jemima Kirke?

She is an English born American actress. She gained worldwide attention for her portrayal of the character Jessa Johansson in the hit comedy TV series Girls. Kirke and Cameron began dating in 2017.

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