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Touch your thighs, I’m the lonely one
Remember that lass, because that was the right one
Oh, all your mysteries are moving in the sun
And show some love and respect
want to get some love and respect
Baby you can see that the gazing eye won’t lie
Don’t give up your lover tonight
Cause it’s just you, me and this fire, alright
Let’s tend to the engine tonight


She found a lonely sound
She keeps on waiting for time out there
Oh love, can you love me babe
Love, is this loving babe
Is time turning around

Feast your eyes, I’m the only one
Control me, console me
Cause that’s just how it should be done
Oh, all your history’s like fire from a busted gun
Now show some love and respect
Don’t want to get a life of regret

But baby you can see that the gazing eye won’t lie
Don’t give up your lover tonight

She found a lonely sound
She keeps on waiting for time out there
Oh love, can you love me babe
Love, is this loving babe
Is time turning around

He slips into the bedroom
And you know he misses alright
Old names, we’ll make sweet
Will sustain us through the night
Inside my bedroom baby
Touch me, oh tonight
Promises, we’ll make some
Will reveal our sense of right

You should be in my space
You should be in my life
You should be in my space
You should be in my life
You could be in my space

Full Lyrics

Deep within the brooding soundscapes of post-punk revivalists Interpol, lies ‘NARC,’ a song shrouded in layers of introspection, human desire, and the complexities of relational dynamics. To peel back these layers is to enter a realm of profound contemplation, where every chord and verse pulls the listener closer into its enigmatic heart.

Driving beyond just an analysis of lyrics, we embark on an exploration of the poignant undertones that course through ‘NARC.’ Interpol, known for their cryptic storytelling, deliver a composition that is as emotionally charged as it is musically compelling, challenging listeners to reflect on the dualities of affection and control, presence, and absence.

The Allure of Forbidden Love and Desire

The song’s opening line, ‘Touch your thighs, I’m the lonely one,’ immediately sets a tone of longing and forbidden temptation. This visceral craving for touch suggests a yearning for connection, an intimacy that the speaker seems to be lacking. The mention of the ‘right one’ evokes a sense of regret and nostalgia for a love lost or unattainable—a theme that runs deep within the track.

Interpol’s use of ‘lonely sound’ and ‘time turning around’ encapsulates a timeless emotional stasis, where the protagonist remains ensnared within their desires. This looping sensation of waiting—both literal and metaphorical—creates an aching heartbeat that pumps through the veins of ‘NARC.’

A Call to Presence: The Quest for Acceptance and Attention

In ‘NARC,’ there’s a constant plea for affection, seen in the lines ‘show some love and respect’ and ‘want to get some love and respect.’ This repetition emphasizes a fundamental human quest for acceptance and acknowledgment from the object of affection. It’s a cry for presence, to be truly seen and appreciated in a landscape where such emotions can often feel transactional.

The song adeptly captures the duality of these desires—wanting to be in control, yet vulnerable enough to need consolation. This struggle between dominance (‘Control me, console me’) and the submission to a lover’s gaze (‘the gazing eye won’t lie’) reveals the complex dance between lovers, where power and surrender intertwine.

The Hidden Meaning: A Reflection on Temporality and Connection

Beneath the surface of yearning and erotic undertones lies perhaps the song’s most subtle and profound theme—time. The recurring question, ‘Is time turning around?’ hints at the cyclical nature of relationships and the notion that time, much like love, is an uncontrollable force, a whirlwind in which the lovers are caught.

Furthermore, this refrain suggests an urgency, a sense that these moments of passion are fleeting, and must be seized before they slip through the grasps of our protagonists. Interpol invites us to consider the ephemeral nature of our connections and the ceaseless pursuit to freeze them in time, if only for a single night.

Evoke Night’s Intimacy: The Convergence of Darkness and Desire

‘NARC’ encapsulates the transformative power of nighttime, a time for secrets to unfurl and hidden desires to take flight. The song’s bridge, evoking images of the bedroom as a sanctuary (‘Inside my bedroom baby’), suggests a place where the characters can explore their longing and vulnerabilities away from the prying eyes of daylight.

The promise of night—’Promises, we’ll make some’—serves as a catalyst for the lovers, a time when the rules of their world are redefined, and new understandings emerge. Interpol captures this nocturnal intimacy with languid precision, wrapping listeners in the sultry veil of darkness that pervades the track.

Memorable Lines: The Pulsing Core of NARC’s Narrative

Easily one of the song’s most memorable lines, ‘You should be in my space, You should be in my life,’ functions as a recurring mantra, etching itself into the listener’s psyche. These statements transcend the personal and resonate as an almost universal human plea for closeness and belonging—whether to a lover, a friend, or a kin.

Repeated like a chant, these lines swell within the track, gaining emotive power with each iteration. The sense of rightness, the assertion of how things ‘should be,’ points to an inherent understanding between people, a shared knowledge of their place in each other’s lives that is at once comforting and achingly poignant.

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