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초점을 맞춰
더 늘어나는 시선 사이에
Red carpet 펼쳐 그 위를 걸어 거침없이
반짝이는 starlight (oh, yeah)
쏟아지는 spotlight (oh, yeah)
터지는 셔터 그 빛을 삼킨 이 순간

Cam-cam-cam-camera, camera
날 보면 angle up 니 맘을 훔치는 look
특별한 매력이 difference
넘치는 confidence 도도한 표정과 stance

Keep goin’ my way (ay)
All the people stop (oh, yeah)
지금 이 느낌 알지 whoa
So high tension

Just make a way (own my way)
끝없는 step (on my road)
계속 working on, working on 자신 있게
Open my door 더 자유롭게
Lights, camera, action, pose!

Flash! Flash! 감각적인 pose
Keep, keep, keep your focus on (yeah)
Now errbody says, “Whoa!” Says, “Whoa!”

Feelin’ like Hollywood
모두 알잖아 막 scene의 주인공
Follow my flow 물결친 voice
커진 Loona’s wave 더 make a gold

어때, so what? 뒤흔들어 I’m gonna change
그 순간 광활하게 터진 ma space
점점 더 다가오는 뒤바뀐 세계
짙어진 orbit 타오른 달빛을 봐

Keep goin’ my way (ay)
All the people stop (oh, yeah)
지금 이 느낌 알지? Whoa
So high tension

Just make a road (now)
내디딘 step (on my way)
계속 walking on, walking on 걸어갈래
Open my door 더 당당하게
Lights, camera, action, pose!

Flash! Flash! 감각적인 pose (on my pose)
Keep, keep, keep your focus on (oh-yeah-yeah)
Now errbody says, “Whoa!” Says, “Whoa!”
Let’s go!

일어서 na-na-na 올라서 na-na-na
나를 볼 수 있도록
Stand up and strike a pose

움직여 na-na-na
(Like na-na-na-na-na-na) 모든 걸 na-na-na
두 눈 가득 담아 둬
Stand up and strike a pose

Turn on the light
모두 다 pause (hey!)
Over the pose
Pose (hands up!)

I walk like na-na-na (walk!)
I talk like na-na-na (whoa-ooh-whoa)
나를 볼 수 있도록
Stand up and strike a pose (oh, yeah)

I walk like na-na-na (oh, yeah)
I talk like na-na-na
두 눈 가득 담아 둬 (yah)
Stand up and strike a pose

Full Lyrics

Within the K-pop crucible, the girl group Loona has continuously carved out their niche with colorful sounds and intricate choreographies. But their empowering song ‘POSE’ transcends mere performance, offering more than just a catchy hook – it’s an anthem for audacious self-confidence and relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. Drawing listeners into an electrifying journey, this track is a manifesto for individuality and assertion.

As the lyrics manifest, Loona doesn’t just invite you to witness their glamour; they beckon you to embrace your own. Through ‘POSE,’ the ensemble casts a spellbinding tableau of boldness, swag, and that enviable K-pop sheen. It’s not just about striking a literal pose; it’s about owning your moment, your actions, and your stage – whatever that may be. Let’s delve into the reverberating beats and radiant lyrics of ‘POSE’ to uncover the layers and meanings enshrouded within.

Strutting Towards Spotlight Sovereignty

At the core of ‘POSE’ lies a celebration of the limelight and the liquidity of confidence that comes from knowing you’re at the center of the world’s gaze. Yet, this isn’t solely about the glitz of stardom. Each line pulses with the intent to empower – to morph the red carpet into a symbol of the path one creates through fierce determination and a strong sense of self.

This spotlight sovereignty is the dream of every performer, the culmination of nights spent perfecting their craft. For Loona, it’s a reflection of their journey as individuals and as a collective. From synchronized dance moves to harmonized melodies, ‘POSE’ is their declaration of arrival – not just on the physical stage but on the grand scene of life itself.

Through the Lens: The Hidden Meaning in the Camera Metaphor

The recurring camera motifs throughout ‘POSE’ are hard to miss, yet their symbolisms are layered with profundity. Cameras capture images as we present ourselves to be seen, but they also assert control over the narrative. ‘Cam-cam-cam-camera, camera’ isn’t just a playful nod to paparazzi culture – it’s a subtle indication that Loona is in charge of how they’re perceived, angling up to steal your attention and your heart.

In a world that constantly tries to frame us in preconceived shots, ‘POSE’ pushes back, reminding listeners that they hold the power to define their own image. The angle up is a call to elevate oneself, to view and be viewed from a position of strength and confidence.

‘Feelin’ like Hollywood’: A Nod to Global Ambitions

Positioning themselves as the protagonists in a Hollywood scene, Loona taps into the universal aspiration to reach the zenith of celebrity and influence. This allusion widens the song’s appeal, traversing boundaries and knitting dreams that resonate across cultures.

Moreover, mentioning ‘Hollywood’ is a play to their globalization strategy, expressing their readiness to take on the world stage and showcasing their potential to resonate beyond the usual K-pop circuits. This line serves as a rallying cry to their fans worldwide, emboldening them to feel like stars in their own lights.

‘Keep Your Focus On’: Memorable Mantras of Self-Empowerment

‘Keep, keep, keep your focus on.’ These words, woven seamlessly into the electrifying rhythm, serve as a lyrical hook and a life motto. It’s about maintaining direction and poise amidst chaos – a kind of tunnel vision for personal growth and success.

The repetition and catchy delivery of this line make it more than a musical element; it’s an earworm with a motivational message. It encapsulates the essence of ‘POSE’ – the art of tuning out distractions and fixating on one’s own goals, the essential skill of keeping one’s eyes on the prize.

Rising from the Track: Living the Loona Legacy

As Loona commands listeners to stand up and strike a pose, it’s not merely about capturing the perfect picture. It’s a metaphor for taking a stance in life – with confidence, with poise, and with the knowledge that your moves are worth being immortalized.

The song sets the stage for anyone listening to adopt a Loona-esque outlook, where every moment is a scene, every action a performance, and every dream a step away from reality. It transforms fans into contemporaries, part of a movement that doesn’t just dance to a beat but lives every moment with passion and attitude.

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