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I’m gonna take a stab at this
Sure you will be alright
Make a decision with a kiss
Baby I have false spite

And when I trek alone back home
I make sure that I trek in the snow
Would it fall?

Tissue and bones, it was a trick
This isn’t a gunfight
Checking it off my list
Unable to rewrite

Five years cast once and far alone
Hope I’m ready, able to make my own

They go, we go, I want you to know what I did, I did
They go, we go, I want you to know what I did, I did
They go, we go, I want you to know what I did, I did
They go, we go, I want you to know what I did, I did

They go, we go, I want you to know what I did, I did
They go, we go, I want you to know what I did, I did

Full Lyrics

Grizzly Bear’s ‘Ready’ is a masterful tapestry woven with strands of introspection and ethereal melodies. This track is not just another tick on the list of indie anthems; it’s a nuanced exploration of the human condition, set against the backdrop of the band’s signature sonic landscape.

With a closer examination of the lyrics, ‘Ready’ unfolds like a poignant narrative that delves into the themes of personal growth, regret, and the transformative power of acceptance. As we dissect the layers of this hauntingly beautiful song, we find a rich vein of emotional depth and universal truth.

The Harrowing Journey to Self-Discovery

The lyrics of ‘Ready’ take us on an allegorical journey where the protagonist grapples with the aftermath of decisions made. The opening lines, ‘I’m gonna take a stab at this / Sure you will be alright,’ suggest a leap into the unknown, an initiation of something despite the doubt that lingers like a shadow.

This opening stanza lays the groundwork for a narrative that is not just about the physical act of trepidation but an emotional odyssey. It’s a call to arms for those standing on the precipice of change, beckoning the listener to take that stab, that chance, despite the fear of what may come.

Chasing the Snowflakes of Memory

The motif of trekking in the snow conjures a poetic imagery, a solitary figure trudging through a blank canvas on which past mistakes can be imprinted, examined, and ultimately, left behind. It is within this chilly backdrop that the lyrics ‘Would it fall?’ echo the uncertainty of consequence.

This line evokes the question of whether the snow—the memories and the past actions—will persist or fade away. It’s a contemplation of the nature of our experiences; do they define us indefinitely, or does the passage of time grant us reprieve from their weight?

Illusions and Regrets: The Haunting Refrain

The phrase ‘Tissue and bones, it was a trick’ provides a stark realization that the tangible may be deceptive, an illusion or falsehood that once held great import. The acknowledgment of being misled—for tissue and bones are but flesh—hints at a deeper deception or unrequited effort.

The curt dismissal found in ‘This isn’t a gunfight / Checking it off my list’ speaks to the acceptance of these illusions as inconsequential battles in the grand scheme of life’s war. There’s a poignant resignation that some things cannot be changed, rewritten, or undone.

The Epoch of Independence: A Solemn Adieu

At the heart of ‘Ready’ lies the crux, ‘Hope I’m ready, able to make my own / Goodbye.’ The lyric wrestles with the readiness to embrace autonomy, to forge one’s own path without the crutch of past dependencies or the comfort of the familiar.

This turning point of the song marks not just an admission of personal capability and growth but also a somber farewell to the former self. The juxtaposition of ‘ready’ and ‘goodbye’ reveals a bittersweet moment of transformation as one era ends and another begins.

Echoes of Actions: The Song’s Hidden Meaning

The repeated lines ‘They go, we go, I want you to know what I did, I did’ form a mantra-like chorus that instills a sense of communal experience. The ‘they’ and ‘we’ highlight the interconnectedness of actions and their rippling effects on others.

This refrain becomes the song’s hidden meaning—the artist’s declaration that our deeds, for better or worse, are imprinted on the fabric of others’ lives. It serves as an acknowledgment of impact, an admission of the past, and perhaps a desire for understanding or forgiveness.

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