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You didn’t close the door
Left a crack open
I couldn’t ignore the faint possibility
Of having hope in this insanity
That we still could be
But we’re stuck floating in between

Put me on the shelf, discipline myself
To let the sparks die out
Shattering anything
That has reflections of you

Our eyes were closed
With hearts open wide
Dismissed every rule to abide by
Our bodies undressed the layers of shy
Revealing the truth that was buried inside
Filled up feelings
That now are bursting at the seams

Put me on the shelf, discipline myself
To let the sparks die out
Shattering anything
That has reflections of you

Unsure of what are my dreams it seems
You have stolen my slumber
And awakened another
Life within me that is better than any other
Reaching endless heights in never ending nights
That can’t be seen, put to bed this dream

Put me on the shelf, discipline myself
To let the sparks die out
Shattering anything
That has reflections of you

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At the heart of indie pop lies a beating drum of raw emotion, catapulting otherwise ordinary songs into anthems that resonate with a listener’s own life script. MisterWives’s track ‘Reflections’ is one such anthem, an exquisite blend of vibrant melodies and poignant storytelling that digs deep into the complexities of human relationships.

The journey of ‘Reflections’ is a universal one; it charts the all-too-familiar territory of grappling with the remnants of a love that’s fizzled out, yet refuses to be fully extinguished. Despite its effervescent beat, the lyricism unveils a tale of heartache and introspection that invites us to look closer. What follows is a dive into the soul of MisterWives’s lyrics and the hidden complexities within.

A Crack in the Armor: Vulnerability in ‘Reflections’

The opening lines of ‘Reflections’ immediately set the stage for the emotional battleground that the song encompasses. Leaving ‘a crack open’ represents a vulnerability, a lingering hope that perhaps the end hasn’t arrived. The ‘faint possibility’ speaks to the human condition of clinging to threads of optimism, even when all signs point toward letting go.

This initial imagery hints at a dual sense of wisdom and denial. By not definitively closing the door on a relationship, the narrator symbolizes a resistance to complete closure. It’s a tug-of-war between the rational need for self-preservation and the masochistic tendency to dwell in the ‘insanity’ of a love that might no longer serve them.

The Dance of Intimacy: From Shyness to Revealed Truths

MisterWives paints a portrait of a romance that has escalated from innocent shyness to a deep connection ‘where bodies undressed the layers of shy.’ It’s an evocative depiction of the transformative power of intimacy, where physical and emotional vulnerability lay the groundwork for profound personal discoveries.

Yet, despite these moments of connection, the ‘filled up feelings’ eventually swell to a point of overflow – bursting at the seams. Here lies the painful realization that some emotions are too intense to contain, suggesting that the relationship may have been doomed not by a lack of feeling, but by an abundance of it.

Shattering Reflections: The Quest for Emotional Freedom

The visceral image of ‘shattering anything that has reflections of you’ resonates as a powerful declaration of autonomy. It’s a conscious decision to extinguish every remnant of a former love – even if it inflicts self-harm in the process. Through this, ‘Reflections’ communicates the excruciating process of purging a past lover from one’s mind and environment in order to move forward.

This act of discipline is not portrayed as a cathartic release, but as a necessary, ongoing battle. The repeated destruction of these metaphorical ‘reflections’ serves as an act of self-preservation, even as it acknowledges the paradox that the loved one is still integral to the self that requires saving.

The Lyrical Paradox: Stolen Slumber and Awakened Lives

In a twist of lyrical irony, MisterWives explores the notion that the end of a romantic relationship might not just signify loss, but the possibility of an unexpected gain. The words ‘You have stolen my slumber and awakened another life within me’ suggest that the endearing agony caused by the breakup has incidentally sparked a reinvention within the narrator.

This juxtaposition between stolen sleep – a metaphor for peace and contentment – and the birth of a ‘better’ life adds multi-dimensional layers to the song’s narrative. It propels the idea that within the throes of despair and heartache might lie the seeds for personal growth and the ascent to ‘endless heights in never-ending nights’.

Putting to Bed the Dream: The Resonance of Closure

Perhaps the most piercing moment of ‘Reflections’ arrives in the closure of its bridge, with the stark command to ‘put to bed this dream.’ It’s a powerful acknowledgement of the need to end the fantasy of what was, to quell the haunting specter of a transcendent love that distracts from the present.

Yet in directing oneself to put that dream to bed, ‘Reflections’ circles back to its running theme: the difficulty inherent in closing the door completely on the past. The lingering melody and repeating refrains mirror the cyclical nature of healing, underscoring the song’s message that moving on is rarely a linear path.

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