Self Love – An Ode to Growth Amidst Life’s Tumultuous Melody

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  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. The Uncharted Path to Healing in Verse
  5. A Midnight Confrontation with Self
  6. Veiled References and The Locked Room of Trauma
  7. Critiquing Social Constructs Through Rap
  8. Standout Lines That Echo Beyond Music


Just because I (love you), yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, (Just because I love you), yeah

Peel in my second whip
Stealing, putting second hand kills in my residence
Healed all my brethren with a seal, we can't let you in
I put the effort in to still burn at effigy

Odorous, I'm sober, just as lil as they letting me
Mama, wipe your tears, I'm fighting titans, can't invite you here
Poetic license veering from the mic, my chest too tight to steer
Chess lessons, bloodletting, flood when the night is clear
I ain't give a fuck 'til my lungs had to fight for air
Glaring, staring numb, therapist had a life to spare
Snatched me by the eye said I'ma fight whether I like or not
And she told me reasons why, but that's the private part
Burnt the midnight lighter
Killed the drive in me to tie the knot
My game slop but if I name-dropped you, you still got my heart
Driving off
Squeezing off the E-brake these days
I can't talk to god just for my knees sake
Long conversations to be had
Wrong places wrong times and
Strong patience I must add
Soul weighted don't mistake expatiations for some sadness
A strong face, a long race I'm unafraid to come in last
Quarter tank and ounce of gas and I'm driving
And it's just because I (love you)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Look, I'm back at it glad bags and flat backs a pack rat
A crass habit crash flashing scratch that im past rapping
I'ma show off
In a scar competition
Flaunting close calls when you cook you can't regress back to the store bought
I hope you keepin' me in mind I hope you shakin'
I hope you still analyzin' hard as I made you
As hard as I make it love that I'm armed with broad and it's brazen
Arguing with mom cause I'm always gone when i stay here
She said it's just because I love you
That I see you out here poisoning yourself and want it for you
And I love you better than i love myself my fruit is spoiled
And it's not a game I put it in your name I kinda told you
And I nodded and I took it to the bank and I deposit
And I dropped it and I looked into the mirror said "oh Mavi"
You coarser and you closer the rhythm that's inside
And I warped you in the interest of design
It's just because i love you

Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
Clasp the windows to my soul
Smoke thicken grab my mental by the throat
Mind sifting tides shift it's still cement around my toes
Saran wrap around my pack i can't trust get hand to hand served w a hand behind my back
They prayed for us, ain't heard the answer but my glance is in the stash
It's growing handsome by the stack i self aggrandized in the past but now the sun talking
Not sure of where i'm going but i'm blunt walking
In life or in this hood so keep a look for 911 callers
I fund loss 'cause i'm from loss
You gut me then it's no love lost
You spun me into crumbles fingers numbing from the bloodloss
I've endured
The moral of my story is I'm impure
The horror in my story is
I've been through it and i still do it
And my pencil is in earnest the difference tween u hearing the new records from my service
The medicine I'm burning turned my breath into a furnace
Whole face hot
Shoulders hold weight till i break pace and can't stop
So baby i could change your life, if you let me
Tryna eat ain't really crave a bite since gained insight from desi
So i stay inside away from light
Hoping that your prayers reach
Loathing that i can't breathe
Croaking when i can't speak
Was open with my grandscheme
You was either with me or in my way plow through standees
We sprouting now we plant seeds
You plant love love will grow
You plant fear fear a grow
If you planted me then me would grow
But i was branded negro
I got slanted before relegated to preshow
I started with wine then to the clear then to the nino
Then to everclear and never steering without prerolls
And I just had the presets to preceptor me bro
I bleed presence
And preach lessons
All for free too
And I offer free smoke to any nigga behind a #MeToo
'Cause tell my niggas: we ain't free until she free too
Tell my niggas: we ain't free until she free too
Tell my niggas: we ain't free until she free too
And tell my sisters: we ain't free until they free too
Tell my niggas: we ain't free until she free too
Today free too, to… we… too

Full Lyrics

In the lyrical labyrinth that Mavi presents with ‘Self Love’, there is a raw unpacking of personal struggle, social awareness, and an intimate quest for self-preservation. The song bends genres, weaving rap with a poetic confessional, unveiling layers of emotional complexity cloaked in tight verses.

The core of Mavi’s artistry blooms from a bittersweet symphony of self-reflection and societal critique, hurdling towards a truth that is as jagged as it is genuine. His voice, a vessel of vulnerability, delivers cadences that resonate with the silent battles fought in the dead of night against one’s reflections, biases, and the world’s noise.

The Uncharted Path to Healing in Verse

Mavi transports us into his world with the evocative ‘Peel in my second whip’, a stark introduction to his internal landscape – one of turmoil, grit, and resilience. The ‘second whip’, a metaphor for maneuvering through life’s trials, illustrates progress despite adversity, highlighting his reticence to invite others into his strife-filled sphere.

The artist’s self-imposed hermeticism builds a sanctuary for personal healing, where dilemmas are confronted with ‘medicine’ and effort – suggesting an alchemic transformation through the fire of experience. His narration isn’t just about overcoming; it’s about actively participating in one’s own rebirth.

A Midnight Confrontation with Self

As Mavi converses with the early hours, ‘Burnt the midnight lighter’, there’s a poignant admission of the struggle to connect, to love, and to find purpose. This stands as a moment of reckoning, where the usual aspirations for companionship and achievement are burned away in favor of something more intrinsic and unspoken.

The reference to therapy throws light on the resourcefulness of self-awareness and determination. It is the therapist — or perhaps the therapeutic process — nudging Mavi towards the acceptance that every fight is integral to the journey of self-love and growth.

Veiled References and The Locked Room of Trauma

Mavi introduces a private sphere, curtained off from the audience—’And she told me reasons why, but that’s the private part’. This cryptic line denotes a boundary, an undisclosed core at the center of the song, representing pieces of oneself kept in the shade, away from even the most penetrating of spotlight.

This nuanced approach in the storytelling respects the sanctity of personal battles while acknowledging their existence. Each listener is permitted a glance at the doorway but is reminded that some scars, and the lessons they hold, are held close and whispered only in solitude.

Critiquing Social Constructs Through Rap

‘Tell my niggas: we ain’t free until she free too’, Mavi repeats, reaching beyond the realm of the personal to address larger truths on liberation and gender. His lyricism carves out space for commentary on systemic injustices and the interconnectedness of our freedoms.

The repetition of these lines, almost mantra-like, underscores the importance of collective emancipation. Mavi highlights the universal struggle for true freedom, calling for an acknowledgment of bonds that must be broken together, creating a rallying cry for unity and mutual respect.

Standout Lines That Echo Beyond Music

One cannot help but linger on Mavi’s declaration, ‘Soul weighted don’t mistake expatiations for some sadness’. These words challenge the listener to discern between an exposition of trials as a catharsis and the assumption of mere melancholy. It’s a confrontation with misconceptions surrounding the expression of black pain in art.

Similarly, ‘If you planted me then me would grow’ is both a testament to the nurture versus nature debate and a poetic owning of one’s identity within or without the environment provided. His play with identity, self-importance, and the external influence creates a memorable line that speaks to individual agency and the nurturing power of love, whether self or externally bestowed.

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