“Send Me an Angel” by Scorpions

The Scorpions’ “Send Me an Angel” is another late 20th century rock song that is very allegorical in nature.

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The two central characters are a “wise man” and the singer himself. The wise man seems to be instructing the singer along the lines of trying to get help him to overcome the unfavorable aspects of the environment he finds himself in and fulfilling his destiny.

Verse 1

So the first verse begins with the wise man telling the singer to “just walk this way to the dawn of the light”. In journeying down this path, he will be met with obstacles. Also it is a long, as in multi-year, journey.

The singer’s guide along the road is the ‘call of his heart’, which is actually a voice that originates “from deep inside”. And the wise man suggests that if his addressee were to do so with faith, he will indeed “find passage out of the dark”. Or perhaps a simpler way of describing the promised reward is as said person becoming more enlightened and as a result living a more-edifying life.

Verse 2

The second verse seems as if it is once again based on advice concerning this spiritual voyage. And herein the wise man is basically telling the narrator that the path he is sending him on is in fact a perilous one. And as such, he should seek out the positives along the way.

Verse 3

In the third verse the wise man is once again reaffirming that the urge to make this move is indeed coming from within the singer himself. And the most-important attribute he must possess in order to successfully complete the mission is something along the lines of faith. Or as the wise man puts it, the singer should ‘just believe in himself’.


Now the chorus consists of the singer entreating some unidentified addressee to ‘send him an angel’. Such a statement would logically be akin to him asking for some supernatural assistance in completing the task detailed above. Then the vocalist identifies his location, which is “in the land of the morning star”. Now given the overall theme of this track, said morning star would likely be an allusion to Lucifer. So basically what the singer is saying is that he’s situated in the land of Lucifer. And such would likely once again be a metaphor pointing to the idea, as the wise man had already warned him, that the singer’s environs are dangerous and in fact detrimental to him reaching his overall goal.

Meaning of “Send Me an Angel”

So perhaps a simple way of looking at this song is that the singer has decided, at the advice of someone wiser than himself, to set out on something tantamount to his life’s mission. However, the mission itself comes from the singer’s own internal urgings, i.e. his inner voice. And the wise man, who is compelling him to go forth, is also giving him instructions on how to successfully go about reaching his destiny. However, due to the plethora of dangers he will encounter along the way, the singer is also asking for divine help, i.e. “an angel”, to help achieve his purpose.

Lyrics of “Send Me an Angel”

Facts about “Send Me an Angel”

“Send Me an Angel” was written by Scorpions’ members Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker.

And the track was produced by one Keith Olsen.

This song appears on the Scorpions’ album “Crazy World”. And being released on 17 September 1991, it was the fourth single issued from the project. FYI, the iconic song “Wind of Change” was also one of the singles from “Crazy World”.

The labels behind “Send Me an Angel” is Mercury Records and Vertigo Records.

A different, orchestral version of this song appears on another Scorpions’ album, “Moment of Glory” (2000), which they dropped in partnership with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

“Send Me an Angel” made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Singles Chart in addition to charting in almost 10 other countries. This includes the Scorpions’ homeland of Germany, where the song peaked at number five on the Official German Charts.

4 Responses

  1. Brady says:

    I believe he is asking for help to get him through his troubles in life.

  2. LL says:

    Or he is asking to send him a girl while he’s on tour in Japan

  3. AutoTuna says:

    He’s leaving religion. Instead of believing in some god he must “believe in himself” and follow his inner voice from the dark to the light. In the chorus he’s in the land of the morning star (Lucifer, the opposer) He’s now free and the angel he seeks is someone like unto himself who has found the way out of superstition into enlightment to lead the way.

  4. AutoTuna says:

    He’s found his way out of the darkness of superstition and religion.

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