“She’s Like the Wind” by Patrick Swayze (ft. Wendy Fraser)

The titular “she” is a romantic interest of the singer. And the reason that he is likening her to “the wind” is because he cannot seem to hold her down. In other words, even though he is obviously in love with her, he is under the impression that he cannot actually possess her as a lover. One of the reasons is that he feels she’s ‘out of his league’, which is a way of saying that in some way, shape or form she is in a higher class than he is. 

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So one prevailing theory behind the meaning of this song is that the narrator is dealing with self-esteem issues. Moreover in the first verse he gives the impression that at times, she plays with his emotions. But obviously his feelings for her remain. And as such, he feels that he’s “a fool” for being in love with a lady whom he has already concluded that he’ll never be able to tie down.

Lyrics of “She’s Like the Wind”

Facts about “She’s Like the Wind”

Patrick Swayze (1952-2009) is much better known as being an actor as opposed to a musician.

In fact this song is featured on the soundtrack to “Dirty Dancing” (1987), which was one of the signature movies of his career.

“She’s Like the Wind” was released on 4 August 1987 as the third single from the soundtrack of “Dirty Dancing”. And the label that put it out is RCA Records.

Swayze wrote “She’s Like the Wind” alongside Stacy Widelitz. They originally wrote it, back in 1984, to be used in another film Swayze starred in entitled “Grandview, U.S.A.” (1984). And it was composed with the character whom Jamie Lee Curtis plays in that movie in mind.

Patrick Swayze’s co-star on this song, Wendy Fraser, was the girlfriend of co-writer Stacy Widelitz.

And the track was produced by Michael Lloyd.

This song topped Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks as well as RPM’s Adult Contemporary listing in Canada.

Overall it charted in 14 countries, including peaking at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 2 on the US Cashbox Top 100.

Notable Covers

“She’s Like the Wind” has been covered by numerous artist. One of the more-notable renditions is that which Lumidee and Tony Sunshine dropped in 2007, which went on to experience mild international success.

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