“Silver Tongue” by Alter Bridge

The simplest way of describing “Silver Tongue” is as it featuring the vocalist taking on the role of violence itself. In other words, what he is portraying is a concept, not a person. Or put otherwise, Myles serves as the personification of a thought process – that, once again, being violence.

And even though a thesis sentiment is not stated explicitly, it can be gleaned that this piece is speaking out against such practices. For instance, the title, “silver tongue”, is actually a well-known metaphor, and what it points to is usually the idea of an entity which possesses the attribute of being seductive, i.e. able to convince others, against their own wishes, with its words, if you will.

What the vocalist is getting at is that making the decision to behave violently comes about in a similar manner. And it all begins, as presented, along the lines of the intended victim feeling as if they are emotionally invincible, as if they have too much self-control to find themselves behaving in an uninhibited fashion.

But the vocalist, i.e. violence itself, is dedicated to ‘finding a way’ to penetrate such psyches nonetheless. And before all is said and done, as inferred, such a person may find themselves committing a violent, even criminal act that they can’t really rationalize afterwards.

There is also an outline of mental ingredients listed – “fear, “rage”, “spite”, “hate” and “strife” – which ultimately bring about “decay”. So it can be said that this song is premised on the idea of some people not really being naturally violent. But the devil is out to get them, so to speak. And if they allow certain thoughts to seep in and intermingle, it can culminate in an act of violence – one that can destroy the life of the perpetrator even.

Lyrics for Alter Bridge's "Silver Tongue"

Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge is a group of rockers from Orlando. They have been in the game since 2004. Despite being from Florida, they have proven more progressively popular in the UK and Switzerland, as opposed to the United States. For instance, their past four studio albums all scored within the top 10 of the UK Albums Chart.

Alter Bridge is a band which ascended from the ashes of Creed. This is a group that was most notably extant for about a decade, beginning in the mid-1990s. That is to say that the following members of the act were originally part of Creed:

  • Mark Tremonti
  • Brian Marshall
  • Scott Phillips

So basically, Alter Bridge is Creed, though with the addition of vocalist Myles Kennedy (who beforehand was down with a crew called The Mayfield Four) as opposed to Scott Sapp. 

“Silver Tongue”

“Silver Tongue” was officially released by Alter Bridge on 2 August 2022. It is the second single from Alter Bridge’s “Pawns & Kings” studio album.

It’s M. Kennedy and M. Tremonti who wrote this song. The song’s producer, on the other hand, is one Michael “Elvis” Baskette.

The music video to this track is an animated affair, as assembled by director Ollie Jones.

Silver Tongue

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