“Spending My Time” by Roxette

What the singer is ‘spending her time’ doing is thinking of the addressee. Said addressee is her ex-lover. And obviously they were in a very-serious relationship, as now every moment of her day is preoccupied with thoughts of him. Or stated otherwise, she can’t stop thinking of him even if she tried. Thus even when she’s engaged in activities that should take her thoughts elsewhere, such as watching television or reading the morning paper, she is not really focused on what is being presented at all. Indeed the one thing she is happy about in this situation is that her ex is not actually present to witness her caught up in what she has deemed to be an embarrassing state.

She would obviously like to see the relationship reestablished, as she misses this individual dearly, though at the current moment there does not seem to be any progress in that regard. Indeed she has prayed for such, though such ‘prayers have gone blind’, as in being unanswered.

So now she considers herself a loser in the “silly game of love”. She is sitting around, heartbroken and more importantly lonely, with no relief in sight. Thus her hope in the here and now is that just as she is spending her time absorbed with thoughts of her ex, he is likewise engrossed with thoughts of her.

Lyrics of “Spending My Time”

Facts about “Spending My Time”

“Spending My Time” was written by Per Gessle, one half of the duo which makes up Roxette. And he also produced the track along with someone he worked with frequently, Mats Persson.

And whereas Per originally intended to sing lead vocals on the song himself eventually he concluded that his bandmate, Marie Fredriksson, was the much-better choice.

This song was issued by EMI Records as the fourth single from Roxette’s third-studio album (and fourth album overall), “Joyride”, on 21 November 1991. And they employed Wayne Isham to direct the track’s music video.

This track charted in over 15 countries, actually performing most-impressively in Italy and Poland, where in both cases it peaked at number 7.

Interesting to note is that Roxette actually dropped a Spanish rendition of this song in 1996. And “Un Día Sin Ti”, as it was entitled, went on the chart in Spain, Poland and on Billboard’s Latin Pop Songs listing in the United States.

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