On “SPIT IN MY FACE”, ThxSoMch has apparently come to realize that the addressee is toxic on a number of different levels, some of quite serious. For example, the address is seemingly akin to a drug addict and moreover the type who encourages others, including the speaker possibly, to use. Further, as implied she is his romantic interest, i.e. girlfriend.

Their relationship is depicted as one where both hard drugs and liquor are regularly used, which likely contributes to the fact that the romance itself is tumultuous. Further reading in-between the lines, it’s as if the addressee has the advantage over ThxSoMuch. For instance, throwing parties and all, she definitely seems to be the most-popular of the pair.

But where the dominance of the addressee is really manifested is as revealed in the pre-chorus and thesis sentiment. Concerning the former, the vocalist infers that basically, when it comes to this relationship, he’s a glutton for punishment. Or put otherwise, the addressee has and continues to treat ThxSoMuch poorly, but by the looks of things he has no response but to whine about it.

And so it with the chorus as well. What the vocalist is basically asserting here, conclusively, is that he’s willing to tolerate anything from his sweetheart, even being driven to the point of craziness or madness by her. 

On one hand, that resolve can be read admirably, as someone who is committed to his partner despite her personality flaws. But on the other hand, it can be more reasonably argued that he’s a sucker of love, remaining with a girlfriend who is obviously doing him more harm than good.


When was “SPIT IN MY FACE” released?

ThxSoMch released “SPIT IN MY FACE” as a single on November 1st, 2022.

Writing and Producing Credits

The artist (whose real name is Carter De Filippis) wrote “SPIT IN MY FACE”. Actually he is the only one with writing credit on the song.

The production of the song, on the other hand, was carried out by a producer who goes by the name grayskies.

As of the song’s release date, not much is known about ThxSoMch. The same applies to grayskies.

Success of “SPIT IN MY FACE”

This grayskies-produced song met with global success few weeks after its official release. For example, barely three months after being released, it was streamed over a 100 million times on Spotify. It went on to become one of the aforementioned platform’s most-streamed songs in the final quarter of 2022.


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