Spring – Unraveling the Depth of Change and Reflection

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  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. The Eternal Search for Consistent Love
  5. A Timeline of Regrets Disclosed
  6. The Mirror of Time and The Deception of Memory
  7. Decoding the Song’s Hidden Meaning
  8. The Most Memorable Lines: A Poetic Summons for Salvation


Don’t take it for granted
Love when you have it
You might be looking over
A lonelier shoulder
Remember when we said
We’d never have children
I’m holdin’ your baby
Now that we’re older

How time has revealed how
Little we know us
I’ve been too busy
I should’ve noticed
Days that keep slipping
Our lives that I’m missing
I wish it were true love
I wish we were kissing

Show me a love that
Won’t ever leave or
Look for another
One to deceive
I’m beginning to wonder
If anything’s real
Guess we’re just at the mercy
Of the way that we feel

Alive with a past
No other can share
Alone with her heart
No other can bear
So give me some heaven
Just for a while
Make me eternal
There in your smile

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Angel Olsen’s ‘Spring’ is a tender portrait of love, time, and reflection. Positioned as a delicate acoustic confession, the track unfolds like the season it is named after—gently, with a profound undercurrent of change. Olsen’s evocative voice carries listeners through a narrative that is as much about personal transformation as it is about the evolution of a romantic connection.

As we delve into ‘Spring,’ we uncover layers of Olsen’s introspection and nostalgia, the kind that can only be articulated by someone who has experienced the bittersweet tang of hindsight. The song’s lyrics present a profound meditation on the passage of time and the enduring quest for a love that’s steadfast, amidst the precarious reality of impermanence.

The Eternal Search for Consistent Love

The chorus of ‘Spring’ serves as the soul’s yearning for perennial stability in the landscape of the heart. Olsen’s wish for a love ‘that won’t ever leave or look for another one to deceive’ captures the universal desire for a dependable partner in a world riddled with transient connections.

The vulnerable plea is a stark contrast to the inconstancy of the human condition, as she notes her own fixation on a momentary illusion: ‘I wish it were true love, I wish we were kissing.’ The disparity between longing and reality creates a poignant tension that resonates throughout the song.

A Timeline of Regrets Disclosed

Embodying the song’s introspective nature, Olsen reflects on her past, tinged with remorse for the time lost in inattention: ‘Days that keep slipping, our lives that I’m missing.’ These lines are a raw acknowledgment of the oversight in cherishing the present, a sentiment that captures the essence of human distraction and forgetfulness.

In this confessional, she’s not only confronting a lover but also herself, examining the choices that led to the current state of disconnection. The narrative pinpoints a common sorrow—the realization that presence and appreciation often come too little, too late.

The Mirror of Time and The Deception of Memory

Olsen artfully uses the passage of time as a mirror, revealing the discrepancies between the illusions of the past and the stark truths of the present. ‘How time has revealed how little we know us,’ she muses, invoking a sense of disillusionment that often accompanies retrospection.

This line not only reflects the dissonance between who we believe ourselves and our partners to be, but also the convoluted nature of memory. As time progresses, our understanding of our history and our identities often shift, leaving us to wonder if we ever truly knew anything at all.

Decoding the Song’s Hidden Meaning

Beyond the literal contemplation of a changing relationship, ‘Spring’ harbors a more profound subtext—the allegory of personal renewal. Much like the season it is named after, the song is imbued with the symbolism of rebirth and the cyclical nature of life.

In this context, the ‘spring’ Olsen yearns for is not only in the arms of a lover but also within herself. A desire for rejuvenation, for a fresh start, echoes in her words, painting her longing not simply as romantic, but existential.

The Most Memorable Lines: A Poetic Summons for Salvation

‘So give me some heaven, just for a while. Make me eternal there in your smile.’ These closing lyrics encapsulate Olsen’s request for transcendent love, a reprieve from the temporal world. It is both a call for momentary escape and a reminder of the potential for love to be a redeeming force.

In these lines, Olsen’s voice becomes an almost sacred instrument, summoning a sliver of divinity in the most human of experiences. The simple act of a lover’s smile holds the promise of immortality, drawing a poignant close to a song steeped in the search for meaning amidst the ephemeral.

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