Strawberrry Letter 23 – The Psychedelic Chronicle of Love and Color

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Colors of Love: A Vivid Soundscape
  5. The Metaphorical Mailbox: Decoding the Letter
  6. Whispers of Freedom: Beyond the Love Story
  7. A Kaleidoscope of Sounds: The Auditory Uniqueness
  8. Lasting Legacies and Lyrical Lines


Hello, my love

I heard a kiss from you

Red magic satin playing near, too

All through the morning rain

I gaze the sun doesn’t shine

Rainbows and waterfalls run through my mind

In the garden I see west

Purple shower, bells and tea

Orange birds and river cousins dressed in green

Pretty music I hear so happy

And loud blue flower echo

From a cherry cloud

Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue

Playgrounds will laugh

if you try to ask

Is it cool?, is it cool?

If you arrive and don’t see me

I’m going to be with my baby

I am free flying in her arms, over the sea

Stained window, yellow candy screen

See speakers of kite with velvet roses diggin’ freedom flight

A present from you Strawberry letter 22

The music plays, I sit in for a few

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

A present from you – Strawberry letter 22

The music plays, I sit in for a few

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Full Lyrics

Submerged in the technicolor waves of the 70s rises ‘Strawberry Letter 23′, a song where love letters become a cosmic voyage, and the Brothers Johnson the pilots. The track, a cover of Shuggie Otis’ original composition, blooms with a psychedelic allure as it paints an auditory landscape filled with chromatic visions and a profound yearning for connection.

This musical masterpiece does more than just stimulate the ears; it’s an enchanting maze of emotions that threads through the tapestry of the human soul. From the multi-hued imagery to its underlying love story, ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ remains an enigma draped in velvet melodies that has listeners peeling back its layers decades on.

Colors of Love: A Vivid Soundscape

In every tender note and every brushstroke of imagery, ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ is a testament to the power of color in conveying emotion. It’s as though the Brothers Johnson dipped their brushes in the most vibrant of paints, crafting a sonic canvas that delivers listeners into a sun-soaked fever dream.

The lyrics tell of orange birds, purple showers, and pink and blue sparkles, all elements of a love that is not spoken but felt. This spectrum of hues isn’t a mere artistic fancy—it’s a universal language that evokes the sensations of being head over heels, the kind of passion that envelopes you whole.

The Metaphorical Mailbox: Decoding the Letter

At the heart of this classic lies ‘Strawberry Letter 22,’ a symbol ripe with meaning. A love letter that is one in a series, it represents ongoing communication, a never-ending conversation between souls, and a relationship that evolves within the safety of its own coded language.

It’s not just about the letter itself but what it represents: the intimate exchange and the anticipation for what each new message might bring. This letter is not only to be read but also to be heard, as every line reverberates with the music of devotion and companionship.

Whispers of Freedom: Beyond the Love Story

Beyond the romance, ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ encapsulates a sense of liberation. Its protagonist speaks of being free, flying in the arms of a lover, ‘over the sea.’ This image is a powerful metaphor for the transcendental quality of true love, the kind that buoys you above the mundane and sets you adrift in sublime escapism.

Choosing to fly with ‘his baby’ instead of participating in the conventional world (if you arrive and don’t see me), the song’s character underscores a desire for redemption through love. The emotions are as profound and boundless as the ocean mentioned in their flight—a freedom that every listener yearns to taste.

A Kaleidoscope of Sounds: The Auditory Uniqueness

The Brothers Johnson’s rendition of ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ is a marvel of production—a dazzling array of guitar riffs, bass grooves, and glistening synth lines. The song represents a fusion of funk, rock, and pop that was characteristic of its era yet seems to exist outside of time.

Producer Quincy Jones sculpted an auditory experience that transcends mere listening and borders on the sensual and the ethereal. It’s a sonic kaleidoscope where every listen reveals a different shade, a new layer, and a fresh moment wrapped within its mesmerizing refrain.

Lasting Legacies and Lyrical Lines

Key lines like ‘Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue, Playgrounds will laugh if you try to ask, Is it cool?, is it cool?’ echo long after the song ends—riddles wrapped in innocence. They serve as a reminder that sometimes, the best approach to love and life is not to question, but to experience and envelop oneself in its deep mysteries.

The Brothers Johnson have planted a musical seed that has since blossomed into an enduring legacy. They’ve shown that sometimes a song isn’t just a song—it’s a letter, a painting, a flight; a beautifully packaged experience that continues to unravel a myriad of interpretations and retellings for every heart that it touches.

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