Sun in My Mouth – Unraveling the Intimacy of Nature and Flesh

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Björk and cummings: A Synthesis of Poetic Souls
  5. Igniting The Ripe Air With Sonic Warmth
  6. The Ecstasy of Nature and Embodiment
  7. Against Darkness: A Dance of Light and Shadow
  8. Completing the Mystery: The Enigma of Human Flesh


I will wade out
Till my thighs
Are steeped
In burning flowers

I will take the sun
In my mouth
And leap into
The ripe air
Alive with closed eyes

To dash
Against darkness

In the sleeping curves
Of my body

I shall enter
Of smooth mastery

With chasteness
Of sea-girls
Will I complete
The mystery
Of my flesh
Will I
The mystery
Of my flesh
My flesh

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Björk, the Icelandic muse who’s always defied genre confines, takes us on yet another avant-garde journey in her song ‘Sun in My Mouth.’ Drawing inspiration from the intricate overlaps between nature, human sensuality, and the pursuit of enlightenment, the track becomes an orchestral canvas for an introspective exploration. The poignancy of her lyrics hints at a metamorphosis, a theme that is often central to her work.

The song’s lyrical elegance is an adaptation of e.e. cummings’ poem ‘I Will Wade Out,’ itself a complex tapestry of human connection and the physical form. Björk’s auditory interpretation transforms these words into a sacred ritual in which music brings the verses to life, capturing the essence of cummings’ poetry through her melodic alchemy.

Björk and cummings: A Synthesis of Poetic Souls

At the heart of ‘Sun in My Mouth’ lies a profound symbiosis between e.e. cummings’ poetry and Björk’s sonic landscape. The singer has a penchant for literary references, and in borrowing cummings’ text, she weaves a complex narrative that restates the poem with her unique musical sensibilities. The song is a respectful nod to the past and a futuristic envisioning that only an artist like Björk could accomplish.

The marriage of Björk’s voice with the luminescent and sometimes abstract language of cummings does not simply narrate but reinvents the poem. Through her interpretation, the words gain a new ethereal quality; they ascend and transform, much like the poem’s subject matter of physical and spiritual transcendence.

Igniting The Ripe Air With Sonic Warmth

Musically, ‘Sun in My Mouth’ washes over the listener like warm sunlight breaking through a soft morning mist. The arrangement is minimal yet profoundly evocative, illustrating Björk’s strength in creating vast emotional landscapes with just a few brushstrokes. The song invites you to close your eyes and experience your own inner light, making the sun tangible through melody and timbre.

There is a delicate interplay between sound and silence in the track. Björk understands that music is as much about the notes as it is about the space between them. This sonic spaciousness lets the listener’s imagination flourish, filling the void with personal meaning and emotional resonance.

The Ecstasy of Nature and Embodiment

The lines of ‘Sun in My Mouth’ serve to create a landscape of embodied ecstasy. The images of thighs ‘steeped in burning flowers’ and taking the sun in one’s mouth elucidate a passionate and primal connection with the elements. There is a liberating sensorial quality to the lyrics; they speak of a person so intimate with nature that it becomes an extension of their physical form.

This intimacy with the natural world, so vivid in cummings’ original poem, is sung with a blend of sensuousness and innocence in Björk’s voice. The deliberate enunciation overlays a sexual undertone, yet it is balanced by a certain purity representative of the ‘chasteness of sea-girls.’ The imagery conjures the wholeness achieved when one is fully present with the corporeal experience, embracing both the fervor and serenity of existence.

Against Darkness: A Dance of Light and Shadow

Björk’s use of metaphors in ‘Sun in My Mouth’ often revolves around the dichotomy of light and darkness. The act of leaping ‘into the ripe air, alive with closed eyes’ to dash against darkness encompasses a struggle that is not only physical but also existential. It is an assertion of life and its inherent beauty against the void, a celebration of awareness and experience against the absence of consciousness.

In this battle of contrasts, the ‘closed eyes’ suggest a journey that is inward, as much as it is an outward defiance. Björk underscores the belief that true enlightenment and the conquest of darkness come from within, through self-awareness and a profound internalization of life’s vibrant tapestry.

Completing the Mystery: The Enigma of Human Flesh

Perhaps the most haunting and memorable lines can be found toward the end of ‘Sun in My Mouth,’ where repetition serves as a chant or mantra – ‘Will I / Complete / The mystery / Of my flesh.’ This refrain is more than a hopeful query; it implies a spiritual journey towards understanding and embodying one’s own existence.

The ‘mystery of flesh’ can be seen as the complex understanding of one’s body, desires, and the ultimate pursuit to find meaning in the corporeal existence. With the final utterance of these lines, Björk leaves the listeners suspended in a personal reflection on the divine riddle of their being, encouraging a profound contemplation long after the song has ended.

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