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Friend Like Me

“Friend Like Me” by Will Smith

“Friend Like Me” is a song from the popular Disney film “Aladdin”.  It was written for and featured on the original version, which came out in 1992. Within the storyline of the film, it...

Prince Ali

“Prince Ali” by Will Smith

This is almost a word-for-word remake of the “Prince Ali” introduced by Walt Disney Records in 1992 for the original, animated version of Aladdin. The 2019, live-action take on Aladdin features rapper/actor Will Smith as...

Naomi Scott

“Speechless (Full)” by Naomi Scott

“Speechless” is based on actress/singer Naomi Scott portraying the role of Princess Jasmine, a character she plays in the 2019 rendition of Aladdin.   They are sung within the context of Jasmine being arrested, her...