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Apocalypse Please

“Apocalypse Please” by Muse 

There have been various explanations offered of Muse’s “Apocalypse Please” song. But what is abundantly clear premise-wise is that the vocalist is thoroughly under the impression that “this is the end of the world”....

Citizen Erazed

“Citizen Erazed” by Muse 

Muse’s “Citizen Erazed” is a song with undeniably deep lyrics, on top of the title (which is never actually mentioned in the lyrics) also being of a thought-provoking nature. Indeed some analysts have gone as...

Won't Stand Down

Muse’s “Won’t Stand Down” Lyrics Meaning

As explained by Matt Bellamy and inferred by the title, this song (“Won’t Stand Down”) is based on the notion of refusing to “stand down” to a bully. And more macrocosmically, said bully can be theoretically...