Author: Amanda London

WTF Do I Know by Miley Cyrus

“WTF Do I Know” by Miley Cyrus

“WTF Do I Know” is seemingly addressed to the singer’s ex, and that is the way it has generally been interpreted. But it’s also pretty obvious that there’s more going on here. That is to say that...

"Flight 19" by B.A. Robertson

“Flight 19” by B.A. Robertson

As the title implies, this track talks about the mysterious disappearance of Flight 19 in December 1945 as they flew over the Bermuda Triangle. The singer uses vivid descriptions to narrate how the 14-member crew left Florida...

Black Lungs by Architects

“Black Lungs” by Architects

The title of this song (“Black Lungs”) is a term that is usually associated with lung cancer.  And by extension, one of the topics the lyrics deal with is in fact environmental pollution.  However it is...