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U&ME by alt-J

“U&ME” by alt-J

The lyrics of “U&ME” are for the most part metaphorical, but there are literal lines dropped here and there also which grants the listener a clearer picture of what’s going down. For instance, in the...


Alt-J’s “Breezeblocks” Lyrics Meaning

“Breezeblocks” is highly-metaphorical, thus compelling us to rely more on the artist’s explanation of it as opposed to the lyrics in ascertaining its meaning. But there are two ideas that can be definitively gleaned solely...


“Taro” by Alt-J

According to this song’s co-writer and Alt-J frontman Joe Newman, the entire narrative of Taro transpires within a four-second time span. And what it centers on is the last moments of one Robert Capa, who was...