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“The Warning” by Eminem

“The Warning” is a song that Eminem released as a standalone single, as in it is not on the playlist of any of his albums. And his reason for being prompted to engage in...


“Bagpipes from Baghdad” by Eminem

“Bagpipes from Baghdad” reads like a quintessential Eminem spaz song, which is something Shady himself even alluded to. As an exercise in displaying his impressive lyrical skills this isn’t, by far, one of Eminem’s best...

Foolish Pride

Eminem’s “Foolish Pride” (Racist Song)

“Foolish Pride” is a generally-unexceptional song Eminem recorded long before he became globally famous. In fact the only time it has received public notoriety is due to racist comments Slim Shady makes therein. And overall the...