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When You're In

“When You’re In” by Pink Floyd

“When You’re In” is an instrumental Pink Floyd dropped on 2 June 1972 as part of their album “Obscured by Clouds”, which was put out through Harvest Record.  This song is the second on the playlist...

Watching TV

“Watching TV” by Roger Waters

“Watching TV” is a pretty-interesting piece as far as protest songs go. And that’s because the vocalist spends a significant portion of the lyrics, i.e. most of the first verse really, in admiration of ‘his...

"Waiting For the Worms"

“Waiting for the Worms” by Pink Floyd

Lyrically, Pink Floyd’s “Waiting for the Worms” is quite terse. But also relatively speaking it is a complicated piece, as with the project it is derived from. Said project, “The Wall”, is in fact a concept...