The Beatles'”Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” Lyrics Meaning

This song takes you on an imaginary journey with one Lucy who doesn’t seem to be real. In the song, Lennon tells his audience to picture themselves on a river surrounded by tangerine trees and a sky full of marmalade while a girl calls them. However, she disappears as quickly as one attempts to find her.

The said Lucy, seems to reward one with feelings of excitement and adventure once you follow her lead. As he puts it in the second verse, following her to a bridge by the fountain, you’ll meet people with smiles that grow incredibly high. This time, it’s not Lucy that vanishes, it’s ‘you’ the newspaper taxis come to fetch.

The third verse has a train station setting and once again, Lucy appears at the turnstile; almost as if you are given a choice to continue the trip with her or leave her behind.

The song has been widely thought to speak about LSD and the fantasies the writer experiences while he’s high on the drug. Considering lines such as “climbing in the back with your head in the clouds, and you’re gone”, the song could be drug-inspired.

Lennon however, denied that the song has a relation with the drug. According tot him, the song was primarily inspired by a beautiful drawing his son, Julian, came home with from school. Julian had painted a picture of his school friend named Lucy, with some stars in the sky and labelled it: ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’. He added that the imagery in the song was from the iconic Alice in Wonderland, while the girl with kaleidoscope eyes from the sky represented a woman who would someday save him.

"Lucy In the Sky" lyrics

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  1. Michelle = Lucy = 🎵🎶🐩🎼 = moment = Destiny = 🎶🐩🎵📯 says:

    yes = we are all Lucy in the sky with Diamonds = Morgen = 🎵🎶🎼🐩😀😍📯

  2. Walker says:

    I think that it is plausible that John Lennon’s son may have brought a painting home from school and explained that it was exactly what Lennon said his son told him. I also think that being the song writing genius that he was, John saw the correlation between the painting’s intended meaning, and what a song written and inspired by the painting could be taken as. So it intentionally was written to be left open to the listener’s interpretation.

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