“The Cigarette Duet” by Princess Chelsea

As the title suggests, this duet (“The Cigarette Duet”) is in fact about cigarettes. Or more specifically, what we have here is one party who enjoys partaking of them, and the other who strongly disapproves of her doing so. 

Also concerning the former, it can be deemed that she has indeed become addicted, since the second verse implies that Chelsea cannot quit as simply as she believes she can.

And that’s pretty much the gist of what’s going down here. Jonathan is an ex-smoker, but due to health reasons apparently, he has lost his affinity for what some people refer to as cancer sticks. Moreover, he believes that Chelsea is using them for the wrong reason, i.e. “to be cool”.

Meanwhile, the way she perceives cigarettes is as being a harmless pleasure in her life. And that’s how the story concludes, with Chelsea entreating Jonathan to “trust” her since, after all, in her eyes she is not an addict.

Why is this song titled “The Cigarette Duet”?

The reason why this track is called The Cigarette Duet would logically be because it features a second vocalist throughout, that being Jonathan Bree.

Princess Chelsea, "The Cigarette Duet" Lyrics

Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea is a musician from Auckland who has been around since the late aughts. Between now and then, she’s dropped a number of albums and quite a few singles, with her signature song being “The Cigarette Duet”. 

When was “The Cigarette Duet” released?

This track is from her debut album, a project titled “Lil’ Golden Book”, which was put out through Lil’ Chief Records on 2 May 2011.


The track’s co-singer Jonathan (who is also from New Zealand ) co-produced this track with Princess Chelsea, and he directed the song’s music video, which contributed significantly to its overall success.

As for the writing of the song, it was done solely by Princess Chelsea (whose real name is Chelsea Nikkel).

Featured in Prime Video’s “Prisma”

In 2022, “The Cigarette Duet” was featured on Amazon Prime Video’s series “Prisma” in its pilot episode. The drama explores the relationships and identities of two identical twins, Andrea and Marco.

The Cigarette Duet

The “Lil’ Golden Book” Album

Princess Chelsea, a former member of The Brunettes, a twee pop band from New Zealand, kick-started her solo music journey with the release of the album, “Lil’ Golden Book”. The said album consists of 11-tracks and was officially made available to the public on May 2 of 2011. The album was a tool the singer used to tell a story of growing up in her home country, New Zealand.  

“Lil’ Golden Book” was named after the book, “Little Golden Books”, an American children’s book series which was first published in 1942. She used ” Lil'” in place of “Little”.

The album was produced through collaboration between Chelsea herself and fellow Kiwi, Jonathan Bree who is also a renowned record producer and co-founder of The Brunettes. According to the singer, it took close to 3 years to complete work on the album.

A New Zealand record label, Lil’ Chief Records, based in Auckland, was behind the official release of “Lil’ Golden Book”.

The album was met with positive reviews from music publications, pundits as well as music critics. For example, it was named “album of the week” by The Sunday Star Times.

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