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How’d you know
‘Cause I was there
Yeah that shit go
Came prepared
Set it slow rolled
Anticipation grow slow
Deviated septum blow hole
Sugar cane ko ko
Aye, aye, pass the dro my way
Or no way twenty fo no 25-8
Thought you knew
Suicide lane
Fuck you

Grab my crotch, what’s my name
Been round the block
Hangin’ scumbag slangin’
Pay dirt cave in
Takin’ no prisoners
No escapin’ wash brain hook
Nothin’ I’m sayin’
Aye, aye, know what I’m sayin’

I got the diamonds, scrapin’
Sidin’, wastin’ my life
In altered states dem
Back it up

I got the diamonds, scrapin’
Sidin’, wastin’ my life
In altered states dem
Back it up

I got the fever

Sprayin’ execution witch fingernails clawin’ through dem
Crawlin’ through dem
Tunnels loosin’
Touch with everything I’m doin’
Argh mass confusion
Can’t make more electrocution

Half cocked full tilt
Rabid dog
Filth argh
Know what I’m sayin’
Fuck it
Upside down in a
Soft top bucket
Shred it

I got the diamonds, scrapin’
Sidin’, wastin’ my life
In altered states dem
Back it up

I got the diamonds, scrapin’
Sidin’, wastin’ my life
In altered states dem
Back it up

I got the fever

Let me off, screeching halt
Concussion blinding
Not my fault
Ankles tied to cinder blocks
Aye, aye

By any means necesserated
Blade cut me
Sewer drain grated
Bubonic plague
Spreaded faceless
Lurking in the deadest spaces
On your knees, black goat anus
Christo anti clan of shameless
Came to whip those
Into shapeless
Here we go, devastated
Here we go

Diamonds scrapin’ the marrow, out my core
Who’s in the mirror
Who’s at the door
Someone’s there
Wasn’t there before
Ceiling connected
To the chord
Pull it, pull that shit

I got the diamonds, scrapin’
Sidin’, wastin’ my life
In altered states dem
Back it up

I got the diamonds, scrapin’
Sidin’, wastin’ my life
In altered states dem
Back it up

I got the fever

Full Lyrics

With a title like ‘The Fever (Aye Aye),’ Death Grips delivers a track that is a cacophony of raw energy and underground chaos. Blending punk ethos with industrial rap, the band catapults the listener into a fervent dissection of a consciousness unhinged, exploring themes of existential dread, dissociation, and the allure of self-destruction.

The relentless cadence of MC Ride’s vocals, paired with the dissonant beats, creates an intense urgency typical of Death Grip’s oeuvre. At its core, ‘The Fever’ is less a song and more an experience, a headlong dive into the deepest recesses of the human psyche. Let’s peel back the gritty layers of this audio anarchy.

Hypercharged Introspection: A Dive into Self-Destruction

From the very first lines, ‘The Fever’ throws the listener into the midst of an internal crisis. ‘How’d you know? ‘Cause I was there’ immediately sets the stage for a narrative of personal experience, hinting at a past steeped in turmoil. The song’s tempo, akin to the erratic pulsation of a feverish body, parallels the singer’s psychological disarray.

The raw entrance into the track with ‘Yeah that shit go, came prepared, set it slow rolled, anticipation grow slow’ reflects a methodical buildup to an inevitable breakdown, building tension with each beat, mirroring the artist’s dance with self-destructive tendencies.

Decoding MC Ride’s Poetic Anarchy

MC Ride’s lyrical delivery is shrouded in a cryptic language of its own. The references to drug use in lines like ‘Deviated septum blow hole, sugar cane ko ko’ evoke images of cocaine abuse, illustrating the visceral grip of addiction. This self-aware acknowledgment of vice complements the title, ‘The Fever,’ metaphorically alluding to the intensity of his cravings.

The continual reference to diamonds ‘scrapin’, sidin’, wastin’ my life’ serves as a powerful symbol of the paradox of value – the diamonds, though precious, are dragged through the mud, their worth diminished by the act of scraping and wasting.

The Sonic Assault and the Fever’s Crescendo

Sonically, ‘The Fever’ is an assault on the senses. The industrial beats, abrasive synths, and cacophonous rhythms are relentless. The fever here isn’t just a state of mind but also an auditory expression, a frequency that engulfs the listener and refuses to let go. It is a manifestation of hedonism and a spiraling descent into a chaotic psyche.

Lines such as ‘Let me off, screeching halt, concussion blinding, not my fault’ suggest a struggle for control, a fight to break free from the very fever that defines the song. The energy is palpable, a tangible anger and frustration that defy containment.

The Hidden Meaning: An Allegory for Societal Collapse

Beneath the surface, ‘The Fever’ transcends personal struggle to comment on a broader societal malaise. The track’s frenetic energy and discord can be read as a reflection of a society in the grips of its own fever, grappling with the pace of change, dependence on substances, and the nature of reality in a digital age.

The lines ‘By any means necessitated, blade cut me, sewer drain grated’ could allude to a gritty survival instinct found in the underbelly of urban life, suggesting a world where the marginalized experience life at its rawest edge, an existence punctuated by constant danger and societal neglect.

Abstract Imagery and Memorable Lines

Not only does ‘The Fever’ deliver a visceral soundscape, but it also gifts listeners with abstract imagery that lingers long after the track ends. ‘On your knees, black goat anus, Christo anti clan of shameless’ sinks into an occult depth, toying with demonic iconography and indictments of religious hypocrisy.

The most haunting line, ‘Diamonds scrapin’ the marrow, out my core. Who’s in the mirror, Who’s at the door?’ reveals an existential angst. It questions the nature of self and reality, cementing ‘The Fever’ as a track of memorable force, meant to unsettle and provoke.

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