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I know I shouldn’t be this weak over him

You’re catching L’s, you should catch some Z’s
Think I should sleep, but I’m Bladee
With the double E’s, geeking like a geek
2018, if I don’t get seen I’ma drink some bleach
I got trees from Miami Beach
Trick or treat, drop it off for me, UberEats
Off the blueberries like it’s Halloween
Yeah like it’s Halloween

I know I fell off but this the comeback
Been on top, but I don’t shop at Topman
Ecco’s suicide doors, drop the top, man
Rain is coming, pack it smell like onion
Gotta do a show but I’ll be right back
She don’t like that, but it’s cool, man
Take it to the face, I need a ice pack
Hit the mall, me and Lean, we get it right back

You got keys in your nose
I got locks on my clothes
Louis locks on my throat
Rock ‘n roll, got the rolls
Got the green, and the gold

Two face, that’s my new face
Glue cost me 10 blue jays
Black Lexus, feel like Bruce Wayne
Heart broken, need that new pain
Run the track, like a flash, like I’m Usain
Spill the drain, that’s a glue stain
Yeah, Sleep, that’s my new name
Gotta sleep ’cause they’re too fake

I know I fell off but this the comeback
Been on top, but I don’t shop at Topman
Ecco’s suicide doors, drop the top, man
Rain is coming, pack it smells like onion
Gotta do a show but I’ll be right back
She don’t like that, but it’s cool, man
Take it to the face, I need a ice pack
Hit the mall, me and Lean, we get it right back

Full Lyrics

Draining the mainstream to its core, Bladee’s ‘TOPMAN’ offers more than a glance into the esoteric psyche of the Swedish cloud-rap sensation; it is a layered depiction of resurgence, existential angst, and the quintessential Blade dream-scape. The song’s eclectic mix of beats and evocative lyrics forms an introspective ballad that is both a personal diary entry and a universal nod to the highs and lows of the human condition.

Anchored in raw vulnerability, ‘TOPMAN’ serves as a candid reflection of Bladee’s journey. Let us traverse the cryptic alleyways of Bladee’s mind as we dissect this enigmatic chronicle of redemption and revelation, peeling back the multi-dimensional aspects of a track that was designed to resonate with the soul and dissect the fervent messages nestled within its haunting chords.

The Pinnacle’s Plunge: Analyzing the Comeback Arc

Bladee’s confession of a fall from grace in ‘TOPMAN’ is not just an admission of past defeats but a testament to resilience. In music, and perhaps in life, Bladee understands the cyclical nature of existence – the ebb and flow of prestige. His use of a retail metaphor, as suggested by not shopping at a well-known brand like ‘TOPMAN,’ reinforces the irony. Although he claims an apex position, he disassociates from the connotations of mainstream success, curating a distinct style both in his art and life.

The sense of coming back, as repeated in the chorus, underlines a critical theme: the power of personal renaissance. It’s about reclaiming one’s narrative after a setback, which Bladee does with unshaken resolve. The allegory here is rich – a top man, be it in fashion or status, is poised to make a return, yet his choice is to redefine what being on top means to him.

Dissecting the Duality: ‘Two Face’ and the Quest for Authenticity

Bladee’s mention of ‘Two face, that’s my new face’ strikes as a poignant recognition of transformation and the sometimes duplicitous nature of reality. The emotional toll of navigating through faces – a façade for the public and an authentic self in private – is palpable. He challenges us to ponder the price of fame and the internal struggle to maintain one’s genuine core amidst the relentless glare of the limelight.

The character of Bruce Wayne is evoked, bringing forward the dual identity theme. Much like the famed alter-ego of Batman, Bladee navigates his own shadows, perhaps even suggesting that the sentiments of strength and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin. The heroic imagery conjured is not accidental; it serves to show that inside the music, and within Bladee himself, exists a battle between Bruce Wayne’s poised exterior and the dark complexity of Batman.

Into the Night: The Hidden Meaning of ‘Rain and Onion’

Within ‘TOPMAN,’ Bladee crafts a sensual environment rife with olfactory imagery. ‘Rain is coming, pack it smell like onion’ is a line that might initially disorient, but it is rich with meaning. The impending rain symbolizes a catharsis, a purging of past mistakes and emotions. The scent of onions, pungent and sharp, metaphorically represents the lingering sting of tears and the residual pain that accompanies growth and healing.

Interpreted differently, the mention of onions could symbolize the many layers of the self that are often unpacked in the aftermath of personal tumult. Just as the rain washes away superficiality, the act of peeling back life’s complex layers might bring discomfort or tears, but ultimately leads to a more genuine, raw, and peeled version of oneself.

Racing Through Life: Embracing the Transient Nature of Reality

A nod to Usain Bolt in ‘Run the track, like a flash, like I’m Usain’ aligns Bladee with not just speed but the lightning-strike nature of existence and fame. Life, as suggested by the Bladee verse, is transient – fast-paced, ephemeral, and often leaving behind nothing but a trace. In this line, there’s an exhilarating rush coupled with the reality that all acclaim is fleeting, which seems to heighten the urgency of persistence and the savoring of every moment.

Moreover, Bladee’s mention of spilling the drain and glue stains invokes a picture of permanent marks in a fleeting world. Even as we might try to outrun our past or present, the spills and stains are the experiences and emotions that remain embedded in us, shaping who we come to be and how we weather the race.

Memorable Lines: Echoes of ‘Heart Broken, Need That New Pain’

Perhaps the most poignant and striking line within ‘TOPMAN’ is the existential cry for new tribulations – ‘Heart broken, need that new pain.’ It reveals Bladee’s recognition of pain as not only an inevitable part of life but as a transformative experience. Such an overwhelming desire for new pains underscores the human need for emotional diversity and the idea that even anguish can propel us into different, perhaps better, phases of our lives.

The line seeps with the rawness of emotion and a hint of masochism which, in Bladee’s world, is not about self-destruction but self-renewal. In embracing new pains, he finds a paradoxical comfort, suggesting that it is through new struggles that one can heal from old ones and ultimately evolve.

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