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Under your spell, out of my grip, that′s the only way I live
Under your shoe, under my skin, only place I can exist
Under your spell, out of my grip, that’s the only way I live
Under your shoe, under my skin, only place I can exist

Long as you′re you, long as I’m him, we can not be anything
Long as I’m you, long as you′re him, we can not do anything

I′m making wishes for Disney World tickets
Drain is for the children, the gift that keeps on giving
I’m off the zkittlez, let God be my witness
I′m counting through 50s, them 100s, let’s get it
I cut the stitches, grow back like a lizard
Drain Gang prize out, Bladee is the winner
I live through winter, I blow like a whistle
Gone in the blizzard, yeah like a wizard
Gone for life, bring me back with a ritual
I cut my finger, the bleach in my drink, yeah

Under your spell, out of my grip, that′s the only way I live
Under your shoe, under my skin, only place I can exist
Under your spell, out of my grip, that’s the only way I live
Under your shoe, under my skin, only place I can exist

Full Lyrics

Bladee, the enigmatic Swedish artist known for his ethereal presence in the cloud rap scene, casts an intriguing narrative of dependency and identity in his haunting track ‘Under Your Spell’. Like a contemporary mage, Bladee weaves his personal anecdotes into spells, transporting listeners to a world where introspection and the supernatural collide.

Peering through the mist of atmospheric beats and cryptic verses, the song is more than just a backdrop for its hypnotic refrain; it’s a portal into the psyche of an artist grappling with the concepts of control, self-identity, and the often occult nature of human relationships.

The Alchemy of Romance and Obsession

The chorus, with its incantatory repetition, reveals a state of surrender – ‘Under your spell, out of my grip’. Bladee likens the spellbinding power of a significant other to a force that overrides his own volition. It’s an admission of being smitten, of relinquishing control willingly to another’s influence, and in this vulnerability, finding a paradoxical form of living.

Contrasting the ethereal with the mundane ‘Under your shoe, under my skin’, Bladee touches on a love that is as flagrant as it is intimate. It’s here we delve into the self-effacing dimensions of infatuation where one’s existence is defined by another, so much so that physical and metaphorical boundaries blur and merge.

Identity Interchange: The Mutability of Self

The lines ‘Long as you’re you, long as I’m him, we cannot be anything’ speak to the fixed identities within a relationship, suggesting that growth or change might lead to incongruence. It’s an existential catch-22 where the constancy in one’s role is both a comfort and a cage.

This stanza can be interpreted as a commentary on the fluidity of identity – ‘Long as I’m you, long as you’re him’. Bladee proposes a chameleonic shift in personas within relational dynamics, where the boundaries of self are not just crossed but completely dissolved, creating a tumultuous yet fascinating matrix of interdependent beings.

Drain Gang as a Neverland of Wishes

Bladee’s enigmatic reference to ‘wishes for Disney World tickets’ juxtaposed with ‘Drain is for the children’ insinuates a mythical parallel, positioning Drain Gang – his artistic collective – as a fantastical escape, a Neverland for the disenchanted youth.

In this lyrical flourish, we glimpse Bladee as both the architect of his mythical dreamscape and its beneficiary – a pied piper figure with ‘the gift that keeps on giving’, indicating the music of Drain Gang offers perpetual sanctuary and solace for its devoted followers.

Cryptic Symbolism Unveiled: Lizards and Rituals

Incisive lines like ‘I cut the stitches, grow back like a lizard’ and ‘Gone for life, bring me back with a ritual’ evoke images of regeneration and mystical revival. Bladee here wields his imagery as a double-edged sword, blending tales of resilience with the arcane practices of rebirth.

The allusions to lizards – creatures famed for their regenerative abilities – and the esoteric ‘ritual’ needed to summon a return from disappearance, serve to intertwine Bladee’s personal narrative with that of a phoenix rising from the ashes, continuously reemerging in new forms despite adversity.

Power in Vulnerability: The Song’s Most Memorable Lines

Arguably, the song’s most potent lines repeat the title itself, crystallizing the theme of hypnotic enthrallment. With ‘Under your spell, out of my grip,’ Bladee lays bare a psychological state where one is outwardly subjugated, yet there’s an implication that this susceptibility is where he draws his true power.

The spell Bladee refers to is not solely enchantment but also a symbol of deep emotional surrender. It’s an anthem for the confounded who find liberation in acquiescence, those brave enough to navigate the chaotic dance of domination and submission, and in doing so, unravel their most authentic existence.

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