“Unthinkable” by Smiley (Mienique Avery)

Smiley’s version of the song “Unthinkable” is centered on someone who has faced several disappointments, including a recent breakup from a relationship she expected to work.

She realizes after the split that she trusted her partner despite her past experiences with other people, but he hurt her all the same. She initially wants to accept defeat and say goodbye, but changes her mind.

The writer recalls that she was deeply in love and felt that she deserved his love because he was different. It also appears the singer is blaming herself and is trying to plead for a reunion. She’s ready to change for his sake if he agrees to come back, but wonders if he is willing to do same.

In summary, “Unthinkable” as the title suggests, is about going the extra mile to win back a loved one against all odds.

Lyrics of "Unthinkable"

Facts about “Unthinkable”

  • This song is actually a remix of Alicia Keys’ 2010 song “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready).
  • Based on the above information, it is beyond obvious that Smiley didn’t write this song.
  • Alicia Keys wrote this track along with rapper Drake and several others.
  • Smiley, who is also known as Mienique Avery, released “Unthinkable” on May 1, 2019.
  • Nowhere in the lyrics of this song does the title appear.

Has Alicia Keys made any comments about this remix?

As of the publishing of this post (5/15/2019), Keys hasn’t said anything about the remix.

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