“Very Few Friends” by Saint Levant

“Very Few Friends” is a love song in which we witness “Lover Boy Levant” gushing over the apple of his eye. To note Saint Levant is in fact a rapper, and relatedly this piece reads a lot like other romantic tracks which tend to fall into that genre. 

For instance, a bulk of the lyrics are designed in such a way as to insinuate that the vocalist is wealthy and of course willing to splurge on his sweetheart. But what makes this case different is his related moves being centered, in part, in the Middle East. For instance, you’d likely be hard-pressed to come across another romance rap where the vocalist is looking forward to spending some well-paid quality time with his boo in Beirut.

Another aspect of “Very Few Friends” that gives it a unique edge is Saint Levant being multilingual and accordingly dropping lyrics not only in English but also Arabic and French. Moreover, concerning how the title is utilized, it points to the idea of both he and his partner being “focused”, i.e. too busy grinding to focus on socializing or what have you. But beyond that, to reiterate what we are dealing with here is a quintessential rap-based love song in nature.

Saint Levant's "Very Few Friends" Lyrics

Who is Saint Levant?

Saint Levant is a rapper of Palestinian, North African and European origins. He is however, currently being based in the American music capital of California. He was actually raised in the Gaza Strip, which is globally recognized as one of the most-perilous communities in the world. 

The latter part of his stage name refers to the coastal region in which the Holy Land is situated, i.e. the area between Sinai and Turkey. Also to note, as of the release of “Very Few Friends”, he is an up-and-comer. 

Besides for this song, the only other currently known song of his is “Naser”. The said song came out earlier in the year. However, as of this writing, he has attracted a celebrity-like following of 350,000 accounts on TikTok.

When was “Very Few Friends” released?

Saint Levant formally dropped “Very Few Friends” on the 7th of November 2022.

Who wrote this track?

Levant wrote this song himself. The production tasks of the track was subsequently carried out by a producer named Henry Morris.

Very Few Friends

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