Will Wood’s “Euthanasia” Lyrics Meaning

As you may already know, euthanasia refers to a medical procedure in which a person or animal’s life is intentionally taken. In the case of human beings, this is usually done when it has been concluded that said individual is gravely ill beyond repair. Meanwhile animals may be euthanized for less-humane reasons, such as no longer being considered fit for whatever task they were employed to do.

Well, we might as well let the cat out of the bag early and reveal that in this song, according to reports what Will Wood is actually referring to is the euthanization of rats and more specifically ones that he took in as pets. So that would explain why at the beginning of the first verse the recipient of the procedure is depicted as going through some difficulty in the process, even though, at least as far as humans are concerned it would appear, euthanasia is supposed to be painless.

Such can actually be deemed an intentional misdirection, as in there not being many overt clues that the addressee who inspired this piece is an animal. Indeed by the looks of things, it may be that the vocalist took the experience of his pet being euthanized and then applied it to how it must feel to watch a human loved one go through the same thing. 

But in any event, besides for the previously-referenced lines in the first verse it isn’t until the final line, when the addressee is said to have been “put to sleep”, that it’s sorta revealed this is an animal, as people who are euthanized – and especially loved ones – are not conventionally referred to in such a manner.


So on one hand, we know that some people tend to take the death of pets very seriously, in some instances even, it would appear, if said pet is a rat. But on the other, it may seem a bit tasteless to more or less liken the death of such a lowly animal to a person, as is poetically being done in this piece. However, others, such as fans of Will Wood, appreciate this song as is.

Lyrics to Will Wood's "Euthanasia"

Will Wood

Will is a multi-talented entertainer who is primarily known for his musical efforts. Between 2015 and 2020, he managed to put out three studio albums.

That said, there is a sound possibility that you never heard of him. And the fact that he isn’t widely known would at least be partially attributable to the fact that Wood is such that he prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

When was “Euthanasia” released?

This track is from Wood’s fourth studio album. The album itself is titled “In Case I Make It”, with this particular track (“Euthanasia”) being released as a single on 17 June 2022.

Credits for “Euthanasia”

Will Wood served as both the writer and producer of Euthanasia.


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