Wish on an Eyelash by Mallrat Lyrics Meaning – Uncovering the Layers of Love and Longing

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I’ve been trying to tell ya
I’ve been dying to tell ya
Want you all to myself
I want you all to myself
And when we leave all the parties
When we’re not in our bodies
When we’re up in a spaceship
That’s when I feel the greatest

I made a wish on an eyelash
Made a wish on elevens
Made a wish on my birthday
Talk about you to Heaven
I plan my days all around ya
Planets orbit around ya
I was lost ’til I found ya
I think angels surround ya

Full Lyrics

In an era where music fans are constantly bombarded with saccharine pop concoctions and overproduced beats, Mallrat, the Australian singer and rapper, provides a refreshing taste of raw artistry and earnest emotion. ‘Wish on an Eyelash’ is no exception; it’s a delicate tapestry woven with threads of vulnerability, desire, and celestial metaphor.

This track sees the artist peeling back the layers of infatuation, relationship dynamics, and the human need for connection. As we dive into the lyrics, there’s an undeniable sense that Mallrat isn’t just creating a song; she’s sculpting a piece of her heart into a melody that listeners can’t help but hold close to their own.

The Ethereal Dance of Attraction and Seclusion

Not just a catchy chorus or a hummable riff, ‘Wish on an Eyelash’ captures the ephemeral dance of want and reticence in human connection. When Mallrat confesses, ‘Want you all to myself,’ she’s tapping into the selfish, almost primal craving we have for exclusivity with our most cherished human connections – a rivalry with the world for the prized affections of another’s soul.

The retreat from ‘all the parties,’ the dissociation from ‘our bodies,’ and the ultimate escape to ‘a spaceship’—these aren’t mere adolescent daydreams, but are poignant symbols for intimacy and individuality within relationships that seek solace from the public eye, existing in a realm constructed by two alone.

A Cosmic Tapestry Weaving Wishes and Dreams

Wish-making is a motif as ancient as storytelling itself, and when nestled within the modern context of Mallrat’s lyrics, it serves as a bridge between the timeless and the contemporary. Eyelashes, elevens, and birthdays become the repository of silent hopes and the soft whispers of the heart’s deepest longings.

Mallrat isn’t just wishing upon trivial icons of folklore; she’s engaging in a ritualistic expression of hope—be it invoking celestial images, conversing with the divine, or finding solace in the cosmic ordination that ‘planets orbit’ around the object of her affection. The wishes embody a silent prayer for love to be requited and for the universe to conspire in her favor.

Dissecting the Halo Effect – The Hidden Meaning

Amidst the overt adoration, there’s a more subtle narrative journey explored in the line, ‘I think angels surround ya.’ This isn’t merely an exaggerated compliment—it’s illuminating the intrinsic human tendency to idealize those we yearn for, to paint halos above their heads and see them as the human embodiment of perfection.

The ‘angel’ imagery has dual purposes: on one hand, it evokes a sanctity and purity assigned to the loved one; but on the other, it might suggest a need for guarding against the dangers of idealization in relationships. It is as though Mallrat is acknowledging, with a mix of wonder and wariness, the risks involved in placing the one she loves onto a pedestal.

Chart-Topping Phrases: The Memorable Lines

It’s easy to overlook the power of a simple phrase to capture a complex emotion, yet Mallrat does this with finesse, crafting lines that resonate with universal appeal. When she muses about being ‘lost ’til I found ya’, she encapsulates that transformative moment of finding someone who brings clarity to previous chaos—an anchor in the tumultuous sea of life.

Equally poignant is the notion that her days are consciously ‘planned all around ya.’ This line becomes a testament to the gravitational pull of deep affection, how love can reorder our priorities and shape our everyday existence in profound and unexpected ways.

The Whispers of Longing That Echo Beyond Music

Mallrat’s ‘Wish on an Eyelash’ transcends the auditory experience; it’s an anthem for all who have loved, pined, and wished in silence. The lyrics navigate the inner monologue of someone holding their breath for a chance at mutual affection, a brave soul willing to speak now to the void with the hope of cosmic reciprocity.

Songs like these are not mere entertainment; they breathe life into the silent moments of our lives, giving voice to the thoughts that we’re too hesitant to utter. Mallrat presents a poetic diary of honesty, capturing the essence of modern romanticism in a world where such purity of emotion is often camouflaged.

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