“Another World” by Gojira

Gojira’s “Another World” depicts the predicted end of civilization while suggesting that the only way to survive is to live in a new world.

The singer makes mention of the ‘evils’ of the Earth which include the following:

  • Killing innocent animals
  • Institutionalized deception
  • Climatic crisis
  • Prevalence of deadly diseases

The song, which was written during the COVID-19 Pandemic, reflects on the state of the world during these moments and how people felt like they were experiencing an apocalypse.

As is repeated throughout the song, the writer no longer wants to live on the earth and as such is looking for a different world. He is possibly looking for a new planet where he could start life all over again.

“Another World” Particulars

Writing: Joe alongside Mario Duplantier
Production: J. Duplantier
Release: The 5th of August, 2020

On which Gojira album does song appear?

It is a single from their seventh studio album. The last album Gojira released was the Grammy-nominated 2016 album “Magma”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it’s a single but it is not on an album yet

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