Aviation by The Last Shadow Puppets Lyrics Meaning – Decoding the Aerial Metaphors of a Boundless Sky

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Hot procession
Gloomy Conga of glum looking beauties
Strolling through the opening scene
Where’d you want it?
It’s your decision honey, my planets or yours?
Sectoral heterochromia

Aviation in the evening
I can feel it coming on
Mama told me you should start as you mean
To go wrong
Or else you’re never gonna get it right

Well you need not come coke head close to me
‘Cause I can hear you perfectly clear from here

Aviation in the evening
I can feel it coming on
Mama told me you should start
As you mean to go wrong
Or else you’re never gonna get it right

Elementary hallelujahs
Annalise’s dulcet tone
Aviation in the evening
I just can’t leave it alone
I reckon I just might have broke the ice

The Colourama in your eyes
It takes me on a moonlight drive
It’s the way you wing it
While you’re figuring it out

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From the opening chord progression to the very last note, ‘Aviation’ by The Last Shadow Puppets is more than just a mesmerizing melody; it’s a flight through the clouded corridors of meaning, where each line coaxes the listener to soar into a deeper understanding. Alex Turner and Miles Kane, the formidable duo behind the band, have always been known for their poetic lyricism, layered with intrigue and metaphors, and ‘Aviation’ is no exception.

Diving into the song’s lyrics exposes the songwriting duo’s intricate play with themes of decision-making, personal growth, and the pain of stagnation. Beyond the allure of its haunting tune, ‘Avitation’ hides an introspective exploration of the human condition, echoing through the canyons of the listeners’ conscience.

Soar Above the Mundane: The Gravity of Opening Lines

The song opens with a ‘hot procession’ and a ‘gloomy conga,’ a striking imagery that paints a picture of a sombre march. This procession of ‘glum looking beauties’ can be seen as a stylized representation of people trudging through the routine blandness of life, searching for meaning in the mundane.

Rich in cinematic quality, these initial verses set the scene akin to the start of a novel or film, inviting the listener to anticipate a journey. The question, ‘Where’d you want it?’ offers an immediate crossroads – a choice to be made, setting the tone for a recurring theme of decision and destiny throughout the song.

A Dance with Choice: It’s Your Decision, Honey

Turner and Kane cleverly harness the universal dilemma of choice. ‘It’s your decision honey, my planets or yours?’ could be a romantic proposition, but it echoes a larger sentiment about life’s intersections and the personal agency we hold in these moments.

Sectoral heterochromia – a distinct physical trait where different segments of the iris are colored differently – becomes a metaphor for the complexities and dichotomies within a person’s nature and choices. It’s a nod to the multifaceted decisions we each contend with, as diverse and intersecting as the colors in an eye.

Ephemeral Nights: The Hidden Meaning in ‘Aviation in the Evening’

There’s a transformation apparent in the chorus, ‘Aviation in the evening.’ Evening, the transition from day to night, can be seen as a metaphor for change or evolution. The aviation theme suggests an altitude, a psychological or emotional ascent, as if one is preparing for takeoff into a new phase or perspective.

The recurring lyric ‘Mama told me you should start as you mean to go wrong’ might seem to espouse a counterintuitive philosophy: To start with the acceptance of imperfection. Rather than aiming for unerring correctness, one should embrace the missteps that come with any journey of growth.

From Whispers to Shouts: Memorable Lines that Echo

‘Well you need not come coke head close to me’ lyrically maintains distance, both within the context of the song and metaphorically speaking to the boundaries one must establish. This powerful line speaks volumes on intimacy and the safeguarding of personal space, setting limits against destructive closeness.

Moving beyond, the ‘Elementary hallelujahs’ and ‘Annalise’s dulcet tone’ could be a reference to simple joys and the comforting voices that often fly under the radar, unnoticed and unappreciated in the race for something ostensibly grander.

The Colorful Gaze: Moonlight Drives and Winged Escapes

The visual of ‘The Colourama in your eyes’ collides with the thrilling escape of a ‘moonlight drive’, blending the allure of attraction with the intoxication of a nocturnal adventure. These poetic lines capture the essence of a sensory experience that is both grounding and liberating – much like the act of hitting the road under the cover of darkness.

Lastly, the resolution in ‘It’s the way you wing it / While you’re figuring it out’ serves as a beautiful reminder of life’s improvisational nature. One does not simply fly from point A to B; the true art is in navigating the unpredictable currents in between – a perfect allegory for the flight that is life, a central theme running through the veins of ‘Aviation’.

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