“Baby” by Clean Bandit (featuring Marina & Luis Fonsi)

“Baby” is  a song by released by the Grammy Award winning English electronic music band Clean Bandit. The track features vocals from Greek-Welsh singer Marina and Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi.

The lyrics of “Baby” tell the story of a person who is sorrowfully reminiscing on the memories of a long lost love. This pain is exacerbated by the fact that she left that person to initiate a new romance and in successfully doing so has minimized the chance of reconciliation with the old flame.

However, despite this regret, the singer has little choice but to ultimately come to grips with her decision. Thus she decides to move on with her life and stay committed to her new romance as opposed to going back to the earlier one, regardless of how much she may miss him or her.

In the official video for this track, Clean Bandit’s Grace Chatto is portrayed as the one who is missing her old flame. From the video, she is actually on the altar about to marry a male (Luis Fonsi), though the flashback scenes illustrate that the past love she is missing is actually a female. However, the lyrics of the song itself are not gender specific.


Grace Chatto’s former lover in the music video for “Baby”

If you are wondering who that beautiful lost lover of Chatto is, wonder no more! She is none other than Australian singer and songwriter Starley Hope (popularly known as just Starley).

Quick Facts about “Baby”

  • The song was co-written by Clean Bandit’s frontman Jack Patterson, Luis Fonsi and Marina. Songwriters Camille Purcell, Mathew Knott and Jason Evigan also receive writing credits on this track.
  • Clean Bandit produced this song alongside music producer Mark Ralph.
  • On 2 November, 2018, Atlantic Records released “Baby” as a single.
  • The song is sung in both English and Spanish. Luis Fonsi handles the Spanish parts of the song.
  • No member of Clean Bandit contributes vocals to this track.
  • “Baby” was officially the second single that Clean Bandit released in 2018. Their first single of 2018 was the global hit “Solo” featuring Demi Lovato.
  • Being a collaboration between, Fonsi, Clean Bandit and Marina, “Baby” is the first song the latter released under the professional name “Marina”. Marina was previously known as Marina and the Diamonds.
  • “Baby” marks the first time Clean Bandit is working with Luis Fonsi. However, for Marina, the band has worked with her before. Marina and Clean Bandit first collaborated on the 2017 track “Disconnect”.

Which Clean Bandit album does “Baby” appear on?

It is officially the sixth single from the band’s second studio album What Is Love? That album also features the hit single “Solo”. Also, it is important that we mention that this song will also appear on Marina’s upcoming fourth studio album. That album would be released in 2019.


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