“Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce

Naming a house song after the long-standing and highly-respected Barbra Streisand sorta implies by default that said was partially intended to be comical in nature. And why? This is simply because her image really has nothing at all to do with house music. 

However, the track does commence with a voice sample from Streisand whereas she is basically biggin’ up New York City, i.e. Duck Sauce’s hometown. And it can be ascertained that the vocalist has a crush on Barbra or in the very least is namedropping her as the personification of the lady who is indeed the apple of his eye. 

In fact the album version of this song in particular buttresses the idea that what this narrative is based on, most simply put, is the vocalist being infatuated with the addressee (who isn’t literally Barbra Streisand).

Lyrics for "Barbra Streisand" by Duck Sauce

“Barbra Streisand” Facts

Artist(s): Duck Sauce
Album/EP: “Quack” 

Was “Barbra Streisand” a single release?

Yes. It was released from the duo’s “Quack” album. As a single, “Barbra Streisand” was released on September 10th of 2010.

Writing and Production

The song was written by:

  • Alain Macklovitch
  • Armand Van Helden
  • Frank Farian
  • Fred Jay
  • Heinz Huth
  • Jürgen Huth

Production: “Barbra Streisand” was produced by the duo.


  • Nu-disco
  • House


At the 54th Grammy Awards in 2012, “Barbra Streisand” was nominated in the “Best Dance Recording” grouping. The song lost the award to “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” performed by Skrillex. Four other songs contested for the award. They are:

Other Facts

The song featured on Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii’s dance video game “Just Dance 3”.

“Barbra Streisand” was featured in episode 18 (“Born This Way”) of season 2 of the TV series, “Glee”.

It featured in a 2011 commercial for “Vitaminwater”.

Tourism Philippines used the song in its 2012 campaign.

Chart Performance

  • US – 89
  • UK – 1
  • Switzerland – 1
  • Sweden – 8
  • Spain – 6
  • Scotland – 1
  • Russia – 7
  • Poland – 1
  • Norway – 1
  • New Zealand – 11
  • Netherlands – 1
  • Italy – 4
  • Israel – 3
  • Ireland – 2
  • Hungary – 1
  • Germany – 3
  • France – 3
  • Finland – 1
  • Denmark – 2
  • Czech Republic – 1
  • Belgium – 1
  • Austria – 1
  • Australia – 9

The “Quack” Album

Barbra Streisand is the tenth track on Duck Sauce’s maiden album titled, Quack.

Fool’s Gold Records released Quack internationally on April 14, 2014. The duo collaborated with many songwriters and producers in the creation of the album. As a result, some songs on the album contain lyrics from renowned musicians such as the following:

  • Vaugh Oliver
  • Oliver Goldstein
  • Tony Hendrick
  • Frank Farian
  • Martin Page

Music critics and reviewers have said many good things about Quack and have rated it generally above average. The album has been rated 76 out of 100 on Metacritic. It also enjoyed a 3.5-star rating on AllMusic and a 4-star rating on Rolling Stone.

After its release, Quack’s high recognition and commercial success were due to the waves its second single, Barbra Streisand, gained. The song topped several charts in Europe. In addition, it gained a Grammy nomination. Quack peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Dance Albums chart and has sold numerous copies globally.

Barbra Streisand

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