“Be Happy” by Dixie D’Amelio

These days it is quite common for an artist who blows up in a non-musical field of  entertainment – especially if said individual is a young lady – to also take a stab at the music industry. And such is the case with Dixie D’Amelio, whom considering her TikTok following at the time of the release of this track can easily lay claim to being one of the most-popular human beings on Earth.

Now this particular song can be said to be set against the backdrop of the singer living in a culture whereas even mild depression is viewed as some sort of taboo. And it is such an ideology she is actually speaking out against. Simply put, she is telling her friends and others that she being depressed for a day is not any cause for alarm. Indeed, she basically chalks it all up to age and recognizing occasional sadness as more or less a normal part of life. So despite other people’s good intentions, if you catch her in such a mood she would rather be left alone.

“But sometimes I don’t wanna be happy”

Facts about “Be Happy”

This song was released by DAM FAM Records on 26 June 2020. Its writers are Billy Mann, Sam DeRosa and hip-hop legend Diamond D along with the track’s producer, Christian Medice.

As aforementioned, Dixie is mega-popular. Indeed as of the release of this track, she has approximately 30 million followers on TikTok. Accordingly when she dropped this “Be Happy” – it being her first single ever – it got a lot of support. For instance, in its first three days of release, it was streamed nearly 1.5 million times on Spotify. Indeed even when she teased the tune earlier in June 2020 via TikTok, that snipped alone achieved 16 million streams in just a single day.

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  1. aliy says:

    I think this song is so amazing and that Dixe should never stop doing what she loves this song is so relatable and its so catch so dixe is an a amazing artist. I really recomend listening to this song

  2. Anonymous says:

    I honestly love this song, it’s amazing and I’m so glad Dixie put herself out there because I can just relate to this whole song.

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