Black’s “Wonderful Life” Lyrics Meaning

On one hand, “Wonderful Life” can be labeled as sarcastic, and on another it can be viewed as the singer trying to make the best out of life, as in maintaining an optimistic disposition. This track was actually founded in the artist going through a very-trying period where he had recently gone through a divorce, amongst other issues. And the lyrics have him celebrating and lamenting simultaneously.

He is appreciative of life in its entirety, as in having the opportunity to behold the beauty of nature. But at the same time, he is suffering from loneliness and depression. In fact it seems quite obvious that he is making a conscientious effort to remind himself that it is indeed “a wonderful, wonderful life”. He apparently does this in order to prevent cowering in the face of the challenges which confront him and buckling under pressure in general.

Lyrics of "Wonderful Life"

Facts about “Wonderful Life”

  • “Wonderful Life” was initially released by Ugly Man Records in 1986. In that particular instance it managed to reach number 72 on the UK Singles Chart.
  • It was subsequently re-released by A&M Records in 1987. This outing proved to be much-more successful, as the track then peaked at number 8 on the UK Singles Chart. Furthermore, it broke the top 10 in several places such as Australia, France and the Netherlands.
  • The 1987 release of this classic was featured on Black’s debut album, also entitled Wonderful Life. It also made an appearance on the soundtrack on the 2006 comedy film Starter for 10.
  • The music video to “Wonderful Life” was shot at three different locations in England. And these locations are: New Brighton Lighthouse, Southport (Merseyside) and Wallasey.

Who wrote “Wonderful Life”?

This song was written by Colin Vearncombe (aka Black) and produced by Dave Dix.

Black accredits the creation of this song to the dissolution of his first marriage. He considers the fact that he derived massive success from such a tragedy “another one of life’s rich ironies”.

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