“Block me out” by Gracie Abrams 

What if the toxic relationship which defines your life is actually the one you have with yourself? Such is the situation that the Gracie Abrams finds herself in.

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Initially, she comes to the conclusion that she’s the type who drives her friends away. And to make matters worse, the aspect of her personality which proved to be so off-putting to others has something to do with the vocalist’s tendency to say the wrong things. So now, being devoid of friends she is suffering from loneliness.

Well going back to the concept of Gracie being in a toxic relationship internally, now it’s like since nobody is around, she has developed the habit of verbally abusing herself. That is what the vocalist means by “I wish that I could block me out”. In other words, she wishes that she can turn off ‘every voice in her head’ that is ‘haunting her’.

The lyrics do not detail what it is that these voices are saying. But obviously, they would be words of self-defeat. For instance, it is implied that perhaps one of them is dissing the vocalist for having lost her friends. So by the time all is said and done, what “Block Me Out” is actually speaking to, most simply put, is the plague of possessing a poisonous personality, one which not only attacks other people but also the possessor herself.

Gracie Abrams, "Block me out" Lyrics

Release of “Block Me Out”

Gracie Abrams is a singer from Los Angeles who got down with Interscope Records in 2019. Thus far, she has a couple of EPs under her belt in 2020’s “Minor” and 2021’s “This Is What It Feels Like”. 

“Block Me Out” was released on 8 April 2022. At the time of the song’s release, Gracie was just 22 years old.

Did Gracie write this song?

Yes, Gracie is one of the two songwriters who composed “Block Me Out”. The other is Aaron Dessner. Aaron is actually a notable musician in his own right, who has over the years collaborated with the likes of Taylor Swift and Ben Howard. In addition to his writing duties on this song, Aaron also played the role of the song’s official producer.

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